User Manual

Monitor a Campaign

There are a few ways to monitor a Campaign in Drip. To view in-depth campaign results, go to the Campaign Dashboard. To see email metrics at a glance, go to the list of campaigns.

Campaign Dashboard

Campaign revenue dashboard

Campaign Dashboard with revenue metrics.


Campaign Dashboard without revenue metircs.

Monitor the performance of a Campaign with the Campaign Dashboard. If you track revenue in your account, the Campaign Dashboard allows you to see revenue and email engagement stats for the Campaign as a whole, and for each individual email for a given date range.

For each Campaign, you can:

  • View the number of people in the Campaign.

  • View lifetime engagement stats:

    • Sent: The number of emails sent 

    • Opens: The number of emails opened

    • Clicks: The number of emails that registered at least one click

    • Unsubscribes: The amount of people who decline to receive further communication

    • Replies: The total number of replies to the email

To view the Revenue, Revenue per Person, Average Order Value, or Average Time to Purchase broken down per day, click on each metric on the dashboard. Then, you will see the graph for that metric.

To view the data for a given date range:

  1. Click on the date in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard

  2. Select the start and end dates on the calendar, or select the date range from the drop-down

  3. Click Apply

Switch to View Email Metrics 

If you report revenue, you have the option to switch and view email metrics: 

  1. Click on the three dots next to Revenue/ Person

  2. Click View Email Metrics 

  3. You will see the email metrics for each campaign email

Campaigns List

Campaigns list status

To access a list of your Campaigns, click the Campaigns tab.

Sort Campaigns

The list of Campaigns shows All of the Campaigns sorted by Custom Order in your account by default. Filter to view campaigns with the status of Draft, Active, Paused, or All. Sort by custom order, most recent, oldest, A-Z, or Z-A.

Search Campaigns

Locate an individual campaign by entering its name into the Search Campaigns search bar.


Organize campaigns based on their purpose using Groups.


The total number of people that are currently subscribed to the campaign.