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Campaign Split Test

We’ve released a new and improved Split Testing in our Workflows! May 31, 2019, is the last day to use the Campaign Split Tests. If you’ve started your account with Drip on or after April 15, 2019, you do not have the Campaign Split Test feature.

Campaign Split Tests let you test given variants for the subject line, "From" name, and time of send of an individual email in a campaign. If you’re unsure which variant will have the highest email engagement, run a split test to find out. Get started with Split Tests by watching a short video below. Then, set up your own split test.

Start a New Split Test

To start a new split test:

  1. Click Campaigns

  2. Click Split Tests

  3. Click Create a Split Test

  4. Select what you’d like to test

  5. Click Next Step

  6. Choose the campaign to test

  7. Click Next Step

  8. Select the individual email to test

  9. Click Next Step

  10. Add the test variants

  11. Click Start Test

Split tests keep running until a winning variant is chosen. To choose the winning variant, visit the test’s dashboard.

Monitor the Split Test Dashboard

Keep a close eye on the dashboard to get details on how well each variant is performing. On the dashboard, a bar chart is used to represent the different variants. As time passes and the campaign disperses the variants to people, the height of each variant will increase. Below the chart, the dashboard shows the number of days running, the confidence level in the leading variant, and the approximate number of days to until it's complete.

Getting worthwhile split test results relies on a few different things. First, it’s essential to allow enough time to pass in order for Drip to confidently suggest a winning variant. The volume at which the campaign is being subscribed also plays a large part in determining a winner. The more times the campaign email being tested is sent to different people, the more data that’s available for the test to analyze.

The dashboard displays a message if there hasn't been enough time to determine a winning variant.

Choosing a Winning Variant

After the split test has had time to accumulate and analyze the test results, it’s time to choose the winning variant. The chosen winner becomes the variant to be used moving forward for the campaign email.  

To select the winning variant, click Stop & Use This Variation next to the leading variant. To stop the split test and continue with the email as it was prior to running the test, click Stop Test Now.

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