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User Manual

Email Addresses

Enter a list of email addresses Bulk Operation

Manually enter each email address to be included in a Bulk Operation. This method provides more control over the people that are included in your Bulk Operation.

To run a Bulk Operation by entering a list of email addresses:

  1. Create a new Bulk Operation

  2. Select the option to Enter a list of email addresses

  3. Click Next Step

  4. Enter the email addresses, line by line, that you will include in the operation

  5. Click Next

  6. Select the Actions to apply

  7. Click Next

  8. Schedule the operation

Enter one email address per line

Screen for entering the individual emails

There can be only one email address per line. Although the operation will still process, entering more than one email may cause unwanted results when the operation is performed.

Add people that are not in your account already

Add people that are not in your account ready check box.

When the box is checked, any email address that doesn’t already exist in your account will be imported to your list.

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