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Bulk Operations

Bulk Operations page

Bulk operations allow you to perform actions on groups of people, such as applying a tag, subscribing to a particular campaign, or simply importing them into your account.

To create a new Bulk Operation:

  1. Click People

  2. Click Imports/Bulk Ops

  3. Click + New Bulk Operation

  4. From the pop-up, select how you'd like to run the operation

  5. Click Next Step

Once created, you'll land on the screen to configure automation actions for the Bulk Operation.

Enter a List of Email Addresses

Manually enter the email addresses to include in the Bulk Operation.

Choose a Segment of Existing People

Build a segment of existing people in your account to include in the Bulk Operation.

Upload a CSV

Upload a comma separated value (CSV) file into your account with the email addresses to include in the Bulk Operation.

Automation Actions (Optional)

Selecting automation actions

Perform automation actions on the people you've selected. You can skip this step if you're just importing a list of people.

Bulk operations have the capability of applying multiple actions at once. To add an additional action to the operation, click + Add another action.

Skip automations triggered by these actions

Skip automations triggered by these actions.

Optionally, you can avoid triggering automation that would normally fire as a result of the following actions being applied:

  • Apply a tag

  • Remove a tag

  • Set a custom field value

To skip automation for those actions, toggle Skip automations triggered by these actions to the ON position. That setting will be turned off by default.

Schedule the Operation

Bulk operation scheduler


Perform the Bulk Operation right away without delay.

At a specific time

Set the date and time to perform the Bulk Operation.

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