User Manual

Schedule a Broadcast to Send

The Broadcast schedule determines the date and time the email will send to the people included in the email's Recipients segment. There are two options when scheduling a Broadcast: send immediately and at a specific time.

Send a Broadcast Immediately

Send a Broadcast immediately

To schedule a Broadcast immediately:

  1. Go to the Broadcast Settings and click Schedule Email to Send…

  2. Select Immediately

  3. Click Send Immediately

You will be brought to the Broadcast Dashboard while your broadcast is sending. Although a broadcast may be scheduled to send immediately, there may be a slight delay and the email can remain in the queue for up to twenty minutes before it's sent.

Send a Broadcast At a specific time

Send a Broadcast at a specific time

To schedule a Broadcast at a specific time:

  1. Go to the Broadcast Settings and click Schedule Email to Send…

  2. Select At a specific time

  3. Enter the Delivery Date/Time

  4. Select the timezone to send the Broadcast in

  5. Click Schedule Broadcast

The delivery date and time defaults to the current calendar date and time. If no other time zone is selected, the setting defaults to the time zone specified in your user settings.  

When scheduling a Broadcast in a person’s local timezone, it must be more than 24 hours in advance of all local timezones it’s sending to. If it’s less than 24 hours before when you’re trying to schedule it, you will not be able to schedule the Broadcast.

If you select the option to send in a person's local timezone, emails are rendered and scheduled to send 24 hours previous to the earliest timezone available. You will no longer have the ability to edit these emails. Drip cannot cancel a Broadcast if it is within 24 hours of it's scheduled send time.

Resend an Unopened Broadcast Email

Resend a broadcast

The setting to schedule a Broadcast also includes the option to resend the email to any person in the Recipients segment who does not open it the first time it's sent. Specify the number of days to wait before the resend is sent.

To set a Broadcast email to resend to unopened:

  1. Check the box to Resend this broadcast to people who do not open it

  2. Enter the number of days to wait

  3. Enter a new subject line

If no new subject line is given, the resend includes the same subject line as the first Broadcast. Recipients who opened the email the first time will not receive the resend.

The option to resend a broadcast is available only at the time the email is scheduled to send. Once scheduled this option is no longer available.