User Manual

Monitor a Broadcast

There are a few ways to monitor a Broadcast in Drip. To view in-depth Broadcast results, go to the Broadcast Dashboard. To see email metrics at a glance, go to the list of Broadcasts.

Broadcast Dashboard

The Broadcast revenue dashboard.

Broadcast Dashboard with revenue metrics.


Broadcast Dashboard without revenue metrics.

Split Test Results.

The Broadcast Dashboard reports the performance of a broadcast email. Email analytics such as open, click and unsubscribe rates are all tracked on the dashboard. If you track revenue with Drip, total revenue and average order value are also reported. For each sent Broadcast you can:

  • View Lifetime email engagement stats: Opens, Click-through, and Unsubscribes 
  • Analyze revenue performance: Overall Revenue, Order Count, Revenue Per Subscriber, and Average Order Value
  • View the email content
  • Quickly duplicate a high-performing broadcast
  • View Recipients
  • View Split Test Results

Performance Time Frame

The time frame determines the amount of time in hours, days, or historical since the send date to report email analytics. Once an option is selected, the dashboard is refreshed with analytics that pertains to the selected range of time. To view the data for a given time frame:

  1. Click From Send Date in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard
  2. Select the time frame you would like to view

The dashboard will display data within that time frame.

Broadcasts List

Broadcasts list

To access the list of Broadcasts in your account, click the Broadcasts tab.

Sort Broadcasts

Sort Broadcasts in your account by the following:

  • All shows every broadcast email currently in your account
  • Drafts show broadcasts that have not yet been scheduled
  • Scheduled shows broadcasts that have been scheduled to send &nbsp
  • Sending shows broadcasts that are currently in the processing of being sent
  • Sent shows broadcasts that have finished sending

Further sort the Broadcasts list by the following criteria:

  • Newest Sending Time sorts Broadcasts by the closest upcoming send times
  • Oldest Sending Time sorts Broadcasts by the furthest scheduled send times
  • Most Recent sorts Broadcasts by the most recently created in your account
  • Oldest sorts Broadcasts by the most previously created in your account
  • A-Z sorts Broadcasts in alphabetical order by name
  • Z-A sorts Broadcasts in reverse alphabetical order

Switch to View Email Metrics

Switch to view email metrics

If you track revenue with Drip, you have the option to switch and view email metrics:

  1. Click on the three dots next to Revenue/ Person
  2. Click View Email Metrics
  3. You will see the email metrics for each Broadcast

Group Broadcasts

Organize the Broadcasts in your account based on their purpose using Groups.

Search Broadcasts

Find an individual Broadcast by entering its name into the search bar.