User Manual

Create a Broadcast

To create a Broadcast:

  1. Go to Broadcasts > + New Broadcast Email
  2. Select an email builder 
  3. Name your email
  4. Click Create Broadcast
  5. Choose who should receive the email using the Recipient filter
  6. Click Save Recipients > Next
  7. If you're using the Visual Email Builder, choose a starting point for your email or start from scratch
  8. Design your email
  9. Click Save Settings

Broadcast Recipients

Broadcast recipient tab.

Use the recipient filter to select the segment of people who should receive a Broadcast. To send a Broadcast to your entire list, leave the recipient filter blank. Undeliverable people are not included. 

To select Recipients:

  1. Click Choose a filter…

  2. Apply Filters

  3. Click Save Recipients

To locate a person in Recipients:

  1. Enter the person's email address into the search bar

  2. Click Enter on your keyboard

To export a CSV file of Broadcast recipients:

  1. Click Actions

  2. Click Export to CSV

  3. Click Okay

You will receive an email with a link to download the CSV file.  

Configure the Broadcast Settings

Broadcast Settings contain all of the information about the email and is where you can duplicate or delete a Broadcast

Identity Settings

The Identity Settings are customer-facing information in the Broadcast email

“From” Name

The name customers see in their inbox. This field is required.

“From” Email

The email address customers see in their inbox. This field is required and must be a valid email address.

Postal Address

The address customers see in the footer of all campaign emails.


Send a blind copy of every email in the campaign to any email addresses you put here.

Primary Purpose

Select the primary purpose of the Broadcast from the drop-down.

  • The Commercial setting is for a Broadcast containing emails with marketing content. For example, a promotional email series for your newest product line.

  • The Transactional/Relationship setting is for a Broadcast with content already agreed upon by the customer. For example, a receipt for the item the person purchased.

If you're unsure if you should send a transactional Broadcast, get more familiar with the CAN-SPAM ACT.

Duplicate a Broadcast

Create a copy of a Broadcast including the email contents and settings from the original.

To duplicate a Broadcast:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the broadcast

  2. Click the Duplicate this Broadcast button

  3. Give the duplicate email a name

  4. Click Duplicate Broadcast

You will be brought to the new Broadcast recipient's tab.

Delete a Broadcast

Remove a Broadcast and all of its data from your account. Once deleted, all data for that Broadcast will be lost including email analytics.

To delete a Broadcast:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Broadcast

  2. Click the Delete this Broadcast button

  3. Click I’m sure, delete this broadcast

The Broadcast will be permanently deleted.