User Manual

Update Billing Information

To update your credit card details go to Settings > Billing > Billing Info. Once you’ve entered your information, click Update Card.

Plan Upgrade Notifications

You will receive an email if your account is automatically upgraded to a higher plan type. You can select to receive these emails Daily or Weekly.

You won’t receive an email if your account does not upgrade to a higher plan type.

This means that we will check your plan type daily or weekly and send you an email notification if your plan type changes.

Free Trial Period

We do not require a credit card when you sign up for a free trial. When you reach the end of your 14-day trial, or when you reach your email send limit you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Your account will be paused and you will no longer have account access until you enter your credit card information. 

As soon as you enter your credit card information, your account is active and as a paying customer, you have full access to your previous work. 

Billing Info

Upgrade Your Account

To upgrade to a paid account during your trial period:

  1. Go to Settings > Billing > Billing Info
  2. Add your credit card information under Payment Method

Switch to Monthly Billing

To switch from annual to monthly billing, reach out to