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User Manual

High Watermark System

Our billing works on a high watermark system, which means that you are charged based on the highest number of active people in your account for the billing period and not the number at the time of billing.

Although each invoice is for your next month of service, the cost is based on your previous month’s usage. For example, the cost of an invoice on March 1st for Service from March 1st to April 1st is based on your usage from February 1st to March 1st.

You are not charged for inactive people.

How your Monthly Bill is Calculated

Think of your Drip subscription as a large bucket and each person as a cup of water. Every time a new person (cup of water) is added to the bucket, a line is drawn on the side of the bucket to indicate the current level of water. If the bucket has 20 cups of water in it and five are removed, though there are only 15 cups of water in the bucket, the line indicating that 20 cups of water were in there still exists. The highest line drawn during the billing period dictates what plan level the account is charged under at the end of the billing period.

Each plan type is based on the total number of Active people in your account and will auto-upgrade to the next most cost-effective plan type if your subscription exceeds the high watermark for that plan.

For High Volume plans, there is a monthly email send limit. If that limit is exceeded, your subscription will auto-upgrade to the next most cost-effective plan type in order to fit your sending needs for that current billing period.

Removing People

If you delete people from your list or move people from Active to Inactive during your current billing period to place your subscription on a lower plan type, you are still billed for the highest number of people you had during that billing period. After the current billing period is complete, your subscription will be downgraded automatically for the upcoming billing period (next month’s bill).

If you have multiple accounts under your subscription you are charged for the Total People count of all accounts.

Run regular pruning operations to help you keep your monthly bill from increasing.