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User Manual

Subscribed People

Total Subscribed People Report

See how your list size fluctuates over time through the Subscribed People report. The report shows the total number of subscribed people subscribed to your list for a given date range.

Hover your cursor over the dashboard to view information for an individual day.

Select a Date Range

Date Range Selector

The date range determines the length of time to show analytics on the dashboard. Use the calendar to select a date range for the report. When you run a new report, the date range defaults to show the past 30 days.

To select a date range:

  1. Click the date range drop-down

  2. Select a start date (a date in the past)

  3. Select an end date 

  4. Click Apply

Once a new date range is applied, the report refreshes with analytics for the given date range. 

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