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User Manual

Hard Bounces

Hard Bounces Dashboard

Hard Bounces reports the total number of hard bounces recorded each day for a given date range.

A hard bounce is recorded when an email gets returned to the sender because the intended recipient’s email address is undeliverable. This commonly occurs due to a non-existent domain or invalid email address. If one hard bounce is recorded for someone they are marked as undeliverable. 

To export a CSV file of hard bounces, you must Activate All People in your account. To export hard bounces: 

  1. Go to People 

  2. Use the filter to select Events performed > include > Bounced

  3. Click Actions > Export to CSV file 

  4. Click Okay

An email with a link to download the CSV file will be sent to the email address you’re logged in as. 

It's good practice to clean your list with a platform such as Neverbounce or Kickbox before importing them into Drip.