User Manual


Analytics - Events

The Events report keeps track of the number of times an event, both custom and predefined, records each day over a given date range. For example, the following predefined events can be found and exported to a CSV file under Events: 

  • Hard bounces (Events > Bounces). Learn more about hard bounces in our Bounced Emails Guide
  • Unsubscribed from all mailings (Events > Unsubscribed from all mailings). 
  • Unsubscribed from an Email Series (Events > Unsubscribed from an email series). 

View and export a report for an Event:

  1. Go to Analytics > Events 
  2. Select an event
  3. Select a date
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Click the Export To CSV button

You will see a report for the number of times an event was recorded each day for the given date range, and an email with a link to download a CSV file will be emailed to you.