User Manual


Conversions record and track the main milestones people accomplish, such as making a purchase. Learn how to configure a new conversion and the different ways you can record them.

Create a Conversion

To create a new Conversion:

  1. Go to Analytics > Conversions 
  2. Click New Conversion 
  3. Name the conversion 
  4. Enter a URL if you're tracking the conversion via URL 
  5. Enter a Default Value 
  6. Select Count a maximum of one conversion per person or Count every conversion
  7. Click Save

You will be redirected to the Conversion Dashboard.

Conversion Settings 

Name (required)

The name of the conversion. This name will appear in reports, and when setting up the conversion in Workflows and Rules.

URL (optional)

A URL that when a person lands on the web page, the conversion is recorded. The person must be identified in order for this method to record the conversion.

Default Value (optional)

The monetary amount by which a person's lifetime value will increase when the conversion is recorded.

How should we count conversions?

To record the conversion the first time the conversion is recorded for someone, set this to Count a maximum of one conversion per person. Otherwise, set it to Count every conversion.

Record a conversion

Analytics - Record a conversion

Conversions are recorded in Workflows and Rules by using the Record a conversion action

There are also other ways to record conversions:

Record conversions via URL

To record a conversion when a person lands on a page of your website, you must first install your Drip JavaScript snippet on that page. Conversions recorded through a URL will require the person to be identified.

If the URL is generated by a third-party service that redirects transactions to a confirmation page, you will need to make sure that you can install your Drip JavaScript snippet onto that page. You will also most likely need to enable Cross-Domain Tracking in your account.

Conversions via JavaScript API

You must first install your Drip JavaScript snippet on the web page where you'd like to record a conversion when someone lands on the page. Then, employ the track method by way of the JavaScript API.

If you have a store connected (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, or Shopper Activity API), lifetime value (LTV) is already calculated, and recording it again in a conversion will make your customers' LTVs inaccurate.

Conversion Dashboard

Conversion Dashboard

Track conversion analytics and view that information on the dashboard.

To view the dashboard for one of your conversions:

  1. Go to Analytics > Conversions 
  2. Select the conversion you'd like to view 
  3. Click Dashboard 

Conversion Attribution

Conversions are attributed to the most recent Drip email a person has opened or clicked if the conversion was made within a 5-day period after the person opened or clicked a Drip email. If a person achieves a conversion outside of the 5-day period, no conversion will be attributed.

We will attribute a conversion to an email delivery even if we only have a click event since open tracking isn’t 100% accurate.