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User Manual

Account Dashboard

Main account dashboard

Main account dashboard

Drip identifies who your best customers are and what your best strategies are. The Account Dashboard gives you a snapshot view of your business, including:

  • Overall revenue performance
  • A visualization of how your customers are moving through the journey to loyal
  • Top-performing Drip strategies
  • Recommended strategies to drive first and repeat purchase 

Use the date picker to see a snapshot of:

  • Last 7 days (default)
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 90 days
  • This month
  • Last month 
  • This year

The date picker will dynamically update the revenue chart, buyer journey, and active strategies in the dashboard. 

Revenue reporting is only available for customers who have integrated through Shopify, Magento or the Shopper Activity API.

Revenue Analytics

Revenue metrics chart

Analytics provide at a glance insight into how your marketing strategies are performing. 

  • Total Revenue: The gross revenue of the store
  • Drip Attributed: The revenue attributed to a Drip strategy via last-touch attribution

The revenue chart is in real-time. As soon as an order comes through, the associated revenue will display on the chart. To report dashboard analytics, install your JavaScript snippet

Revenue reporting is only available for customers who have integrated through Shopify, Magento or the Shopper Activity API.

Customer Journey

Customer journey

See the customer journey with a cohort analysis for 0 Orders, 1 Order, and your best people with 2+ Orders to provide quick insight into your performance of your overall customer base. With this data, you can optimize your marketing strategies to maximize repeat purchases, increase LTV, and grow your base of loyal customers.

Journey Metrics

1 order segment card

For each buyer segment you can view the following metrics (affected by the global date picker): 

  • New people in each stage
  • Avg. time to Xth purchase 
  • Change from the prior period
  • % of revenue driven by repeat buyers

For example, in the 1 order segment above, if your date picker is "last 30 days", this reads:

“There were 307 people who made their 1st purchase in the last 30 days. That is 52% better than you did the 30 days prior.”

Let’s say today is December 1st, the last 30 days would be Nov 1 - Nov 30 and the prior 30 would be Oct 2 - Oct 31.

  • 0 purchases: 
    • Current number of people in this stage
    • Number of new people who entered this stage
    • Change from prior period
  • 1 purchase:
    • Current number of people in this stage
    • Number of new people who entered this stage
    • Change from prior period
  • Your best people: 2+ purchases
    • Current number of people in this stage
    • Change from prior period
    • % of your total people they represent
    • % of revenue driven by repeat buyers
    • Number of new people who entered this stage

Hover to see the average time between purchases. 


A Strategy in Drip is a Workflow, Campaign, or Broadcast that you’ve implemented in your account. Click on the Strategy name to go to the corresponding revenue dashboard and view all detailed stats.

The strategies will display the attributed revenue over the time period selected with the global date picker at the top of the dashboard in descending order.

The only groups that will appear in Strategies groups associated with the following Drip recommendations: Abandoned cart, Welcome Series, Abandoned Browse, and Post-Purchase. 


Strategy recommendation card

See one of the following ecommerce strategy recommendations:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Welcome series
  • Drive repeat purchase
  • Abandoned browse 

For each recommendation, you can click: 

  • Dismiss to hide the current recommendation and immediately show the next recommendation if one exists. 
  • Get started takes you to shared workflows. 
  • Already have it allows you to select one or more workflows and campaigns that are already associated with that strategy.

Website Metrics

Website metrics chart

Keep scrolling down to see the volume of unique visits to your website, the percentage of visits that result in subscriptions, and how people are converting for a given date range. 

Traffic Analytics

  • First-time visitors tracks the number of unique visitors to your website.

  • Top traffic sources show the highest performing referral page that has resulted in web subscriptions.

  • Highest performing pages lists the URLs with the highest amount of web subscriptions through a form.

Subscription Analytics

  • Form opens: The number of times a form widget was opened either automatically or by a web visitor.

  • Form closes: The number of times an opened form widget was closed by a web visitor.

  • Web subscriptions: The number of times a web visitor subscribed to your email list by submitting a form. This number reflects both form widget and embedded form submissions.

  • Web conversions: Tracks the total number of identified web visitors who subscribed to your email through a form and who also eventually triggered a conversion

  • Cohort subscription rate: Tracks the number of first-time visitors who eventually triggered a web subscription / first-time visitors.

  • Cohort Conversion Rate: The number of visitors who made their first visit during the time frame and later converted. This number is calculated by dividing the number of people who converted / the number of people.