Yotpo Integration Instructions

Connect Yotpo and Drip to automate your email review follow-up strategy. Drip syncs product review data from Yotpo so you can see who is leaving reviews and engage with those people in a more personalized way.


Setup Instructions 

Yotpo Integration Page

  1. Log into your Yotpo account 

  2. In the same browser, log into your Drip account 

  3. In your Drip account, go to Settings > Integrations > Other > Yotpo 

  4. Click Connect 

  5. You’ll be redirected to your Yotpo account dashboard. Authorize the integration by clicking Authorize 

The integration will sync and you will see a success message on the Yotpo integration page in Drip.  Review score, number of reviews, and recent reviews will be synced to Drip. View your product review data by creating Segments on the People page.  


Automate Your Review Follow-up

Yotpo Review Follow-up Workflow.

Drip’s Yotpo integration provides the ability to automate email marketing workflows based on review scores. Target customers by total reviews left, average product rating, average website rating, and total average rating.

Install our premade workflow and thank shoppers for leaving reviews with Drip’s automated email flows.



Create Segments Based on Reviews

Create segments by review data.

Create Segments of customers who leave positive and negative reviews or by review score. See who is leaving reviews, so you can engage with customers in a targeted, more personalized way.

Segment based on:

  • Total reviews left — the number of reviews left by a customer on your store.

  • Average product rating — the average (1-5) review score on products, left by a customer.

  • Average product rating — the average review score on your website, left by a customer.

  • Total average rating — the combined product & website review average, left by a customer.

Yotpo Data

The following events are synced from Yotpo to Drip. These events and their properties can be used to dynamically set values via Tags and Custom Fields, or, to send one-off emails. 

Learn how to pull specific properties from an event and use that information to set a Custom Field, apply a Tag, or personalize an email.

  • Left a review 

    • “id”: “219",

    • “provider”: “yotpo”,

    • “source_app_key”: “”,

    • “title”: “Review Title”,

    • “content”: “Review Content”,

    • “score”: “5",

    • “user_type”: “verifiedBuyer”,

    • “order”: {

    •   “id”: 523556,

    •   “external_id”: “sdfs12vzud6bDoGoA7M0kghzjMdH2weR”,

    • },

    • “verified_buyer”: “true”,

    • “review_source_type_id”: “1",

    • “shop_owner”: “false”,

    • “review_type_id”: “1",

    • “source_review_id”: “”,

    • “sentiment”: “”

  • Review Score

  • Verified Buyer

  • Review “Time”


Sync Error

If the integration doesn’t sync initially, try the following steps: 

  1. Try resyncing by clicking Re-sync data. 

  2. If step #1 fails, disconnect and reconnect the integration by clicking Disconnect and following steps 1-5 under Setup Instructions. 

When you reconnect the integration, log into Yotpo first in another tab, THEN connect the integration in your Drip account.


Review Data Discrepancy

Some review data, like “average scores” only syncs once per day so the data may lag in Drip.