Win Back Previous Purchasers

At Drip, we believe that previous customers not only should but can be future customers. We also know how hard it is to get folks to purchase just once (it’s no easy task). After you get that golden first purchase, even when you continue to nurture customers on your list you’re left with people who have passed your typical repeat purchase window. Marketers need a strategy in place to get sales from people who have purchased in the past. We’ve helped marketers win back thousands of previous purchasers, and we’ve learned that sending them the same content you’re sending everyone else just isn’t going to make them convert. Re-engaging customers who aren’t purchasing again is worth your time and effort because:

  • It’s cheaper than acquiring new customers. 

  • You’ll see increased revenue and engagement. 

  • Automating another evergreen marketing strategy means less manual work for your team.

  • It’s a great way to test your email content. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find these people, how to automate evergreen communication to them, and how to market effectively to them.

Step 1: Create Your Segment

  1. Go to the People tab

  2. Add the following criteria using the Purchase History filter: 

    1. Person has > placed an order > at least two times > over all time > on any product > at any price > in any quantity. 

    2. Person > has not placed an order > at least once > in the last > enter the number of days in your Snapshot email > on any product > at any price > in any quantity.

      Win-back segment criteria.

  3. Click Save Segment and name it Win-Back Segment

If you don’t have the information from the Snapshot email, research your product category, and choose a repeat purchase window that is reasonable for your brand. 


Step 2: Install a Pre-built Visual Workflow

Pre-built win-back workflow.

Install a pre-built Workflow into your Drip account based on your ecommerce provider:

Drip’s premade Win-back Workflow comes outfitted with all of the necessary actions, delays, and logic built in to make this strategy successful. All you need to do is select your Win-Back Segment in the Entered a Segment Trigger and craft your emails. This ensures that the Workflow Trigger will add people who meet the Segment criteria to the Workflow in the future. Select your Segment:

  1. Click on the Entered a segment Trigger

  2. Use the dropdown menu to select your Win-Back Segment 

  3. Click Update Trigger

When crafting your emails, you want to create content that is specifically targeted to previous purchasers who have not purchased in a reasonable timeframe. Think about chatting with a previous customer at a coffee shop—what would you say to them? What would you want to learn? 

Here are some ideas included in the Workflow:

Email 1: Restate your brand’s Unique Value Proposition

  • Try to restate your brand values, why you exist, and why you fit perfectly into your customers’ lives. Speak to your ideal customer—and speak from the heart. 

Email 2: Recommend personalized products

  • Using Drip’s “Recommended Product” block will allow you to dynamically include recommended products based on their past purchases and product views.

Email 3: Share social proof/customer reviews

  • Have recent reviews from thrilled customers who love their products? Show these reviews (and products) to your lapsed customers to reinforce how much they can trust you and your brand.

Email 4: Ask for feedback via email replies

  • Something has caused these multiple purchasers to fall off. Was it product issues? Shipping times? Connection to your brand? You don’t really know! Asking them to reply to this email so you can learn would be a huge learning opportunity.

Email 5: Incentivize another purchase

  • Welp, since they’re not purchasing without an incentive you might need to give them a little boost. A code for free shipping? A percentage off discount? A “Buy one give one” incentive? You know your brand and needed margins, so choose what makes you think will responsibly drive conversions!

After you activate the Workflow you’ll have the option to push in all EXISTING people in your Win-Back Segment. We explain that below. 


Step 3: Add Existing Customers to Your Workflow

Add segment to workflow trigger.

Once you’ve crafted your email content you’re ready to win back those one-and-done purchasers!

  1. Click Start Workflow to activate the Workflow 

  2. Click Add Segment to Workflow and select your Win-Back Segment. This will push in all EXISTING people in your Win-Back Segment

  3. The win-back process will begin for everyone in that segment

Let your Workflow run for a month or so, and check your Workflow Dashboard for results.