Visual Email Templates

Visual Email Builder Templates Section

Visual Email Builder Templates are your brand’s personally crafted starting point for emails in Drip. Templates are a great way for new Drip users to start building emails quickly and for veteran users to organize designs in one spot.

Design and organize your templates in the Templates section. Select your brand logo, preferred fonts, colors, and email structure. 

Every brand will have its own unique set of templates, but some typical email templates include:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Product launches
  3. Holiday sales

After your email template is created, you can select a template as a starting point for in any Broadcast, Campaign, or Automation email. 

You can interact with templates in a few ways: under Templates or from a Broadcast, Campaign, or Automation email. We recommend building templates under the Templates section, and accessing them via Broadcast, Campaign, and Automation emails to keep things as simple and organized as possible. 

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build, access, and save Visual Email Templates.



Build a Template

Create a new Template.

Create Visual Email Builder templates by clicking Templates in the top navigation bar. Click New Template and give your template a name. 

Once you’ve finished building your template, click Done editing to complete your masterpiece. You can always find and edit your templates under Templates in the top navigation. 

The only changes to a template that Drip will give you the option to push to existing emails are to the Headers and Footers of emails with similar Headers and Footers. Any other changes made to a template will not propagate to existing emails.


Access Templates From the Visual Email Builder

Select a Template as a starting point in any Broadcast, Campaign, or Automation email. 


  1. Create a new Broadcast
  2. Under Create your email, click Open
  3. Click View more Templates 
  4. Select an email template as a starting point 


  1. Create a Campaign
  2. Under Emails, click Create your first email
  3. Select Visual Email Builder
  4. Under Choose Starting Point, select your email template


  1. Create a Workflow 
  2. Add an action node of Send a one-off email
  3. Select Visual Email Builder > Edit Email
  4. Under Choose Starting Point select your email template 

Save Templates from any Visual Email

Save a Template.

Save any Visual Email Builder email as a Template from any Broadcast, Automation, or Campaign email by clicking on the three dots next to the Preview button > Save As Template

Templates are often used for Broadcast emails but can be used for Automation emails as well. Keep in mind that changes to the body of a template will not propagate to emails built from that template.

Choose a Template as a Starting Point

Select a template as a starting point for a visual email.

Choose a template as a starting point by clicking on the three dots next to the Preview button > Choose New Starting Point

Create a Broadcast from a Template

Create a Broadcast email from a Template.

After creating your template:

  1. Hover over your template and select Create a Broadcast
  2. Name your broadcast
  3. Click Let’s Roll
  4. Choose your recipients
  5. Edit your email
  6. Create a split-test
  7. Send away!

Learn how to Create a Broadcast in our User Manual.