Understand Gmail's Warning Messages

Gmail's Warning Message For Possible Phishing

Gmail is proactive in their battle to prevent email phishing scams from reaching the inboxes of their users. Because of Gmail’s continued efforts to make their service a safer place for communication, they’ve devised a warning system to warn against emails that may contain phishing content.

When Gmail suspects an email to contain content revolving around phishing, the following message is displayed at the top of the email:


Unfortunately, preventing this warning from appearing in emails is out of the Drip’s control.

Reasons For Gmail Placing a Warning In Your Emails

There are a few telltale signs that Gmail looks for in determining if an email is a likely source for phishing scams.

  • The domain in the “From” email address matches that of the recipients’ email domains. This likely occurs when you send emails to members of your team sharing the same email domain (@yourcompanyemail.com). It should impact those emails sent to the matching domains, and people outside of that circle will not be impacted.

  • The “Reply to” email address differs from the “From” email address. This will occur if you have Reply Tracking enabled in your Drip account.

It’s suggested to only use Reply tracking if it’s absolutely necessary for your business. When Reply Tracking is disabled, Drip will not change the “Reply to” email address.

Avoid Your Emails From Getting Flagged For Phishing

The best way to avoid your emails from being flagged as suspicious for phishing is to authenticate your SPF and DKIM settings by setting up a custom sending domain in Drip.  

Sending your emails through your own domain lets Gmail know that your emails are coming from a legitimate source.

When you send emails from your own domain, it increases your sending reputation and builds trust with the people on your list.