Target VIP Customers via Popup Form

Identifying and rewarding your VIP customers is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty and keep your revenue stream healthy. Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers, and without a strategy to drive repeat purchases, 73% of shoppers will never make another purchase. VIP customers are more likely to convert too–nine times more likely to convert than one-time purchasers. 

When you reward your VIP customers and let them know how much you appreciate their business you strengthen your relationship with them. Think about it—when was the last time you received a special offer from one of your favorite brands? How did it make you feel? How did it impact your decision to purchase from them again? Rewarding VIPs is a critical part of customer retention and satisfaction. By providing a stellar customer experience they will market your brand for you by raving on social media, customer reviews, and by word of mouth. 

In this guide, we’ll give you some VIP strategy ideas, show you how to identify VIP customers, and go over how to target VIP customers with a popup form on your website.  


VIP Offer Strategies

With Drip’s robust segmentation capabilities you can target your audience in multiple channels with laser precision. Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and your website all provide tons of unique ways to engage with your VIP customers. 

Here are some recommended strategies to retain those VIP customers:  

    • Offer VIPs the first chance at purchasing new items. 
    • Give your VIPs the white glove treatment they deserve with a special discount code or offer when their next order ships.
    • Run exclusive VIP sales.
    • Add a personal touch by sending a personal note from the team/CEO/owner after they’ve made 10+ purchases from you.
    • Provide free shipping and returns for VIPs. 
    • Let VIPs try out your product for free before purchasing. 

In the next few sections, we’ll teach you who to target—and more importantly—how to target your VIP customers with a form on your website.


Identify VIP Customers 

VIP segment of people who have placed an order at least 5 times in the last year.

When you create your VIP Segment, find the biggest spenders over the last year. Adding a time frame is important so you don’t include people who were once engaged but aren’t anymore. Every customer is important, but you want to show a little extra appreciation to those frequent flyers (hence “VIP”). Showing VIP customers that you’re loyal through special offers builds customer loyalty, encourages brand advocacy, and ultimately puts more money in your pocket. 

In Drip, identify VIP customers by the number of purchases and the total amount of dollars spent in the past year. The total amount of dollars will vary depending on your industry, product, and offering. In this example, we’re going to create a Segment of people who have placed 5 orders and spent>$500 in the last year (adjust accordingly). 

Create your Segment: 

  1. Head to the People tab
  2. Use the filter to select Purchase history > Person has > placed an order> at least > 5 times > in the last > 1 year > on > any product > at > a price greater than > $500 > in > any quantity 
  3. Click Save Segment 
  4. Name your Segment 
  5. Click Save Segment 

You’ll be redirected to view your saved Segment. Once you’ve created your Segment, you’re ready to create content and target your audience. 

Asking yourself to discount or not to discount? Watch our Discounts Webinar.

Target VIP Customers

Popup form that will only appear for VIP customers.

When you’re choosing which channel is best to target your audience, play to the strengths of the channel. The good news is that you have a world of options in Drip. Target people via a form on your website, Facebook, Instagram, text, or email. If that sounds overwhelming to you, don’t fear. Targeted forms on your website are a great way to engage specific segments of your list. In this example, we’ll show you how to offer VIP’s a special discount when their next order ships via a popup form on our website. 

Before you get started, here are a few things to note when showing a Drip form to a saved Segment: 

If your OMS is Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or you use Drip's Shopper Activity API your Javascript snippet is automatically installed.

  • People must be identified for the form to appear for them. 
  • Email address is a required field for all forms, so this field will appear on your form. However, we have some clever ways to make it a good experience for your customers! 

Set up your form:

  1. Create a Popup Form 
  2. Under the Fields tab click on the pen icon to edit the Field Label. Email is a required field on all forms, so you can provide the coupon code in the form text and optionally email people their code.

    Field label is

  3. Under the Design tab match your brand’s style and tone, add an image and emphasize that this offer is for VIP’s only 
  4. Under the Behavior tab go to Visibility settings 
  5. Select your VIP Segment

    VIP customer segment.

  6. Complete setting up your Popup Form
  7. Activate Popup

    Activate Popup button.

The form will appear on your website for VIP customers!

Track Results

Click Dashboard to view the Form Dashboard.

See how many people opened and submitted your form on the Form Dashboard.