Sunset Your List

The Time Inactive filter lets you segment the people on your list who haven’t engaged with any of your emails for a given number of days. To create a segment of people who fit these criteria:

  1. Click People
  2. With the filter, select Time Inactive > 30 days
  3. Click Save Segment
  4. Give your segment the name of Disengaged
  5. Click Save Segment

The people included in that segment are who you should focus your re-engagement efforts on.

You can find your saved segments under the Saved Segments tab.

Create a Re-Engagement Campaign

Now that you’ve found the people you need to re-engage, create a re-engagement campaign to send to the disengaged people on your list. 

 Build a Campaign that includes:

  • A detailed description explaining why you’re emailing them and what you’re asking them to do.
  • Trigger Links as a way for you to track who wants to stay on your list.
  • Personalization so they know they are talking to a human.

Once you’ve created your campaign, set up an Automation.

 Create an Automation

Sunsetting the unengaged people

Install this pre-made Workflow to send your campaign and remove unengaged people from your list. This Workflow automates the process of sending anyone who enters into your Disengaged Segment a Campaign to attempt re-engagement and then removes them from your list if they don’t click on the trigger link in your email within two days. 

For people who are already in the Segment, use a Bulk Operation to manually start them into the Workflow. You only need to do this once, because triggers in workflows are forward-facing. 

Once you activate the Workflow, you’ll have a healthy list full of people who want to hear from you. This will also result in better analytics because you’ll have removed the people who are bringing down your overall email metrics.