Set Up Your Drip Account

User Settings

User info settings

Your User Settings give you access to update your individual login credentials, change your password, set your time zone, and find your API token.

To set up your user settings:

  1. Go to Settings > User Settings

  2. Set your preferred Email Address

  3. Update your Password (or leave blank to use your current password). You can change your password here at any time

  4. Insert your Full Name

  5. Choose your Time Zone. This will have an impact on your account and is important to set up correctly

  6. Choose your preferred Date Format

  7. Click Save

Basic Email Settings

Your Basic Email Settings control the Identity Settings of the emails you send from Drip. To comply with CAN-SPAM regulations, be sure to include accurate and truthful information for these settings.

To set up your Basic Email Settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Email Setup

  2. Add your Default "From" Name

  3. Add your Default "From" Email

  4. Enter your Default Postal Address

  5. Enter in your default footer text

  6. Click Save

General Info Settings

Your General Info Settings give you access to update the information that pertains to your account. The information in these settings can only be managed by account owners.

To set up your General Info Settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Account

  2. Enter your Account Name

  3. Enter your  Domain Name

  4. Enter your Email Address

  5. Enter your Phone Number

  6. Select your Default Currency Symbol

  7. Click Save

Your JavaScript Snippet 

Site code snippet

To find your JavaScript Snippet:

  1. Go to Settings > Account

  2. Click Site Setup

Add Members to Your Account

Add members page

Your Members settings allow account owners and admins to send invites to allow others to have access to their Drip account. To add members to your Drip account:

  1. Go to Sttings > Account > Members

  2. Enter in the email address of the user you’d like to add to your account

  3. Select their role

  4. Click Send Invitation

Add Additional Accounts

Create a new account

To help you keep things organized, Drip allows you to create additional accounts under a single Drip subscription. This option allows you to have one account with more than one business and different domains. 

You are not charged to create an additional Drip subscription under an existing account. Instead, you are charged for the total number of people in all the accounts you own.

To create an additional account > click Settings > click Create New Account and enter the additional account details.