Send a Series of Emails to Boost Revenue

Build Your Email Series

View of Campaigns tab

Sending a series of emails is a great way to engage with people and encourage them to become customers. To build your email series, create a new Campaign and add the number of emails you’ll need to promote your products or services.

Design Your Emails

Visual builder email design

It’s important that the design of your emails to reflect the message you’re trying to get across. When promoting certain products or services, think about the pain-points or everyday problems they solve for people and highlight that information in the emails.

The Visual Builder provides a seamless starting point for your email design. There are a number of pre-built templates you can use to get up and running. For the content, it’s common practice to include the following elements:

  • Personalization

  • Product images

  • Links and calls to action

New to email personalization? Get up to speed with this guide.

Set Up Automation To Track Who’s Buying

Workflow automation to track who's buying

Before you send your campaign, set up a workflow to track people who buy your products or services. Automations also allow you to apply tags to enhance the segmentation of your list.

New to workflows? Learn about how they work here.

Send Your Campaign

Bulk Operation to send a campaign

Once you’ve wrapped up your email design and have your automation up and running, it’s time to send the campaign to the people on your list that will get the most value from it.

To schedule your campaign, go to the People tab and create a new Bulk Operation

Track Your Revenue

Campaign Revenue Dashboard

After you’ve sent out your campaign, view the Campaigns Dashboard to start tracking your earnings. Through revenue attribution, you can see which campaign emails earn the most revenue.