Overview of Drip

Account Dashboard: Revenue Chart.

You’ll see your account dashboard on your homepage every time you log in. It keeps you up to date with key metrics of your marketing in Drip. Be sure to install your JavaScript snippet so that your dashboard can accurately report back your analytics.

To learn how to connect your ecommerce platform check out our Integrate with Drip Guide.

Single Email Campaigns

Broadcasts Revenue Dashboard

Build a Single Email Campaign email with the Visual or Text Builder, then send it to a segment or to your entire list. Single Email Campaigns are a great way to send segmented promotional emails and generate revenue. With our resend to unopened feature, you can target people on your list and engage them.

Learn how to send a segmented promotional email in our Send a Segmented Promotional Email guide.

Email Series Campaigns

Campaign revenue dashboard

Create, launch, and track analytics and revenue for your Email Series Campaigns in Drip. The Campaign Dashboard lets you track the level of engagement for each campaign, and the Revenue Dashboard lets you track exactly how much you earned from that campaign, all under the Campaigns tab in your account. 


People page.

Under the People tab, you can add people, search, filter, and create broad or niche segments of people on your list. Segments allow you to create meaningful groups of people based on what they’re doing, like opening an email, visiting a page, downloading an ebook, or buying a product. You can segment the people on your list by tags or custom fields, and manage them under the People tab.


Drip popup form.

Forms are your lead capture tool. They’re the entry point to your list and are crucial in helping you turn drive-by visitors into customers. 

  • Increase conversions by adding a pop-up form to your website.

  • Customize the look and feel of any popup form to match your brand. 

  • Hide or show a popup form to a saved Segment in your account for VIP offers and targeted campaigns. 

Create a new pop-up form under the Forms tab.

Learn all about Forms in Drip in our User Manual.


Workflow Dashboard.

Automations in Drip do all the heavy lifting of your marketing for you. Drip's automation features will handle everything from your most basic task to your most complex. Under the Workflows tab, you’ll find your Workflows, Rules, and the enabled feature of RSS-To-Email.


Email Metrics report.

The Analytics tab houses a variety of reports and metrics you can use to measure the impact your work in Drip has on your customers and business. Here you can view consolidated Email Metrics and easily export key metrics for your reporting. You can also view Click Reports, Subscribed People, and the New People Report