Install a Shareable Cart Abandonment Workflow Using the Shopper Activity API

What is Cart Activity?

When selling online, there are many activities your customers (and potential customers) can take. Adding and removing items from a shopping cart is one of the most common.

Using the Cart Activity portion of the Shopper Activity API, marketers on any ecommerce platform can trigger cart abandonment emails complete with product details and images.

Integrate Your Store With The Cart Activity API

Integrating your store’s Cart Activity with Drip requires some development work. Follow our API docs, or send them over to your developer to get the “Create or update a cart” endpoint configured.

Once the API is integrated with your ecommerce platform, these events start flowing from your store into Drip when a cart is created or updated:

  • Created a cart

  • Updated a cart

Those events are the trigger points for cart abandonment email automation.

Installing a Cart Abandonment Automation

To help get a cart abandonment automation running alongside your store, install this shareable workflow in your account.

Add Product Details to the Abandoned Cart Email

The shareable workflow linked above includes an email containing cart abandonment product details already. If you want to add additional emails with cart abandonment product details, however, follow the instructions below.

  1. In any workflow triggered by “Created a cart” or “Updated a cart” events, open a one-off email

  2. On the left, click to the Sections tab

  3. Scroll down, and click the Add Section button

  4. Hover over the new section, then click Add Content

  5. Select Dynamic Content

    If you don’t see the Dynamic Content tab, it means Drip has yet to receive the correct API calls to your account. Check out our API docs for more details.

  6. Click Cart Abandonment

  7. Click Preview

When previewing or sending a test email, Drip will randomly assemble up to three products from previous “Created a cart” and “Updated a cart” events that were sent to your account via API.

Modify the Workflow to Fit Your Needs

With the email configured to show product details, there are a few other steps in the workflow to modify. You can go through and modify the delays, decision, and other steps to fit your needs.   

For the Facebook Custom Audience steps, update those with your own audiences. Not using Facebook to advertise your products? Those steps can be safely removed without disrupting the abandoned cart email. To get more familiar with how Drip works with Custom Audiences, check out our article on how to integrate Facebook.

Activate the Workflow

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on the workflow and email design, it’s time to set the automation in motion. To start automating cart abandonment emails, click Start Workflow.

Monitor Cart Abandonment Revenue

Once cart abandonment emails have been sent from this workflow, and at least one order has been attributed, you can monitor the revenue generated by this workflow on the workflow’s Dashboard tab. For more information on how revenue attribution works, click here.