Create a Subscription Management Form

When someone signs up for your list, it’s best practice to ask them right off the bat how frequently they want to hear from you and about what content. Asking this upfront establishes trust between you and your customer, sets expectations early, and is the best way to start off the relationship. Your brand thrives when you have an engaged list of people who want to hear from you. Quality over quantity, always. 

In Drip, you can create a subscription management form to let people choose what kind of content they want to receive from you, and at what frequency. In this guide, we’ll walk through how to create a subscription management form in Drip as well as best practices to keep in mind. 

Before You Get Started

Before you get started, you’ll need a few things. 

  1. A page to show your form on. Create this page on your website. 

  2. Your Drip Javascript Snippet installed on your website. If your OMS is Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or you use Drip’s Shopper Activity API your Javascript is automatically installed. If your website uses another provider, learn how to install your Javascript snippet

  3. An established system for how you email people on your list. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep it consistent. For example:

    1. A “weekly” Segment and a “monthly” Segment. Learn more about Segments

    2. People divided by topic areas. If you have a weekly Segment indicated by a custom field called email_frequency that equals weekly, make sure you only send emails to those people once per week.

Your established segmentation system will be used to build your form, so this is important.


Create A Form

Drip's subscription management form.

The first step is to create, design, and configure your form. 

  1. Go to Forms > + New Opt-In Form 

  2. Give your form a name 

  3. Add a tag to people who submit the form for tracking 

  4. Choose Popup form

  5. Under Fields click + New Field to add your form fields. We’re going to add First Name, how often do you want to hear from us, and what kind of emails do you want to receive? 

    1. Field Label: First Name | Field Type: Text | Custom Field: first_name 

    2. Field Label: How often do you want to hear from us? | Field Type: Drop-down | Custom Field: email_frequency

    3. Field Label: What kind of emails do you want to receive? | Field Type: Radio Buttons | Custom Field: email_content

      Subscription management form fields.

  6. Create all Custom Fields under People > Fields if they do not exist already. 

  7. Click Save

  8. Add your brand’s style, tone, and any customization under the Design tab

  9. Under the Behavior tab, go to Visibility and select Only show popup on specific pages

  10. Enter the URL of the landing page you’d like to show this form on (you’ll provide this page URL in your email footer later)

    Subscription management form visibility settings.

  11. Personalize your thank you message under the Submission tab

    Subscription management form thank you message.

  12. Click Save and Activate Popup!

    Activate popup button.


Your form will appear on the page URL you entered, and you’re ready to test your form!

Test Your Form


It’s always important to test your form to confirm things are working correctly. Go to the page URL and submit your form using your own email address to confirm that your profile is updated as expected in Drip.

Add a Link to your Default Footer

Email footer with manage your preferences link.


Once you confirm that your form is live and working, make sure that it's accessible to people on your list by adding a link to it in the footer of your emails.

Visual Builder Emails

Add a link to a footer.

For existing visual builder emails, click on the lock icon and manually add a link to the form. 

After you add your link,  choose to apply those changes to previous and future emails that use the same Footer. 

Text Builder Emails 

Add a link to the footer of a text builder email.


Go to your Basic Email Settings under Account Settings and add a link to your Default HTML Footer to add this link to new text builder emails. For existing text builder emails, go into the Settings tab of the email to manually update the footer with your new link. 


Select custom fields in your Broadcast email recipients.


Add the Custom Fields you use in your form under the Audience tab in all of your Single Email Campaign emails to ensure that you’re honoring people’s preferences.