Connect Drip To Facebook Custom Audiences

Intro to Facebook Marketing

With countless ad impressions being served up each day, it’s no wonder so many online businesses rely on social media to reach their target audience. Facebook gives marketers a way of getting their products and services in front of a massive audience. That sounds great, right? The reality is that marketing isn’t easy — and with such a robust platform, succeeding with Facebook can be a challenge.

To help marketers get their email and social media marketing aligned, we’ve brought the ability to add people to or remove them from Custom Audiences inside Facebook.

What Are Custom Audiences?

Facebook’s Custom Audience feature gives marketers more control over who sees their ads in news feeds and throughout the rest of the social media platform. Finding the right audience not only helps you grow your revenue, but it also cuts ad spend by not wasting ad impressions on those unlikely to buy your products.  

Drip’s direct integration to Custom Audiences gives you a way of aligning email marketing with the ads you run on Facebook by adding or removing people from audiences. There are a few different scenarios where this will come in handy:

  • Re-engagement efforts

  • Abandoned cart retargeting

Connect Drip and Facebook Custom Audiences

Before you can connect Drip and Facebook, you’ll first need to create a Facebook Business account. Your Facebook Business account will need to have admin access to be able to connect the integration. Lastly, you’ll need to accept the terms of service in Facebook from your Business account. 

Once you’ve created and logged in to your business account, complete the following steps to integrate Drip:

  1. Click into your Account Settings

  2. Click Integrations

  3. Click Facebook Custom Audiences

  4. Click Authorize

Drip will connect to the Facebook account you’re logged in to at the time of integration.

Set Up Custom Audiences in Drip

Custom Audiences can be utilized as an Action in any Workflow, Rule, or Bulk Operation.

To set a custom audience in Drip:

  1. From any workflow, rule or bulk operation, set a new action step

  2. From the first drop-down, select Facebook

  3. From the second drop-down, select the custom audience to apply, or click Create new audience

When people reach the action, they’ll be handled accordingly depending on your choice to add or remove from an audience.

To send unsubscribed or undeliverable people in Drip to a Custom Audience in Facebook, activate all people in your Drip account. 

No audiences created yet? Custom Audiences can be created from inside Facebook, or from inside Drip when setting up the audience action.

Align Your Email Marketing With Your Facebook Ads

With your Drip and Facebook accounts connected, it’s time to combine your marketing efforts in both to help boost your engagement with people. It’s all about consistency. When people get your emails and also see ads on their news feed for the same products you’re talking about in those emails, you’re creating brand recognition. In order for this to be effective, however, everything must be aligned.

For example, if you have a new line of swimwear you’ll be releasing for this upcoming summer, you’re going to want to get the word out and get people excited. In order to keep everything aligned, the marketer would do the following:

  1. Create a new Facebook ad in your Facebook business to showcase their new line of swimwear

  2. While creating the ad on Facebook, restrict that ad to only show for a specific custom audience

  3. Create a new Email Series Campaign to engage people with emails leading up to the product release

  4. Create new Workflow to add people to the custom audience and subscribe them to the lead-up Email Series Campaign

With their ad in tune with their email marketing, the marketer has aligned their efforts in both Facebook and Drip.