Connect Drip to Facebook Lead Ads

Advertising on social media is a great way to grow your business and generate revenue. Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Drip and nurture new leads automatically. With the Facebook Lead Ads integration, you can seamlessly add new leads to a Workflow in Drip as soon as they fill out your lead ad form in Facebook. 

Connect Drip and Facebook Lead Ads

Subscribe to pages

Before you can connect Drip and Facebook, you’ll need to create a Facebook Business account. Your Facebook account will need to have admin access to the Business account to be able to connect the integration. Lastly, you’ll need to accept the terms of service in Facebook from your Business account. 

Once you’ve created your business account, connect the integration from within your Drip account by completing the following steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > FB Lead Ads 
  2. Click Authorize 
  3. Log into Facebook
  4. Add Drip as a CRM to ensure that Drip has access to your leads

Drip will now have access to your Facebook account. 

Drip will connect to the Facebook account you’re logged in to at the time of integration.

Subscribe to Pages

In order for Drip to receive notifications from your Lead Ads, Drip must be subscribed to your page. To subscribe to your pages from within Drip, click Subscribe next to the page(s) Drip should receive notifications from. 

Make sure your Facebook Ad Manager account is accepting connections from third-party CRMs. If this setting is disabled, leads will not get properly passed into Drip. 

Set Up your Lead Ad

Create a Facebook Lead Ad in your Facebook account. In order to get your Lead Ad to work, you’ll want to create a Lead Form within Facebook’s ad manager. Make sure the form contains the fields you want to collect and send to Drip. 

Nurture your Leads

Workflow with a submitted a Facebook lead ads entry trigger

Set up a Workflow in Drip to automatically nurture your leads from Facebook. Use the Submitted a landing page entry trigger. To create a Workflow: 

  1. Go to Automation > Workflows
  2. Select the Workflow you’d like to trigger people from Facebook into or create a new one 
  3. On the entry trigger node, click + 
  4. Select Facebook > Submitted a landing page > select the page to bring in leads from 
  5. Click Update Trigger 
  6. Add additional automation actions
  7. Click Start Workflow 

Now each time someone submits that lead ad, they will automatically get added to Drip and nurtured through the Workflow.