Add Dynamic Discounts to Emails

What Are Dynamic Discounts?

Strategic discounting can be a powerful tool for ecommerce brands to increase sales, drive conversions, acquire new customers, re-engage inactive customers, and clear inventory. Drip’s Dynamic Discounts feature makes discounting in Drip emails easy.

At the moment, only Shopify discount codes are supported.

Add Dynamic Discounts to an Email

Add a discount to an email with the dynamic discounts block.


To add dynamic discounts in the Visual Email Builder:

  1. From any rule or workflow one-off email, select Add
  2. Click Dynamic Content
  3. From the dynamic content choices, select Discounts
  4. On the left sidebar, there is a drop-down listing all discounts that are currently active in Shopify. Expired discounts will not show. Future-dated discounts, however, will be available
  5. Select the discount code you’d like to use
  6. Click Preview
  7. Click on the discount button, and you’ll see the discount automatically applied to your cart just like a Shopify shareable link.

To dynamically insert Shopify Discounts into an HTML Builder email: 

  1. In any Rule or Workflow one-off email, use the following code to display the discount code in the email: {{["<priceRuleId>-<prefix>"].code }} 

  2. To create a link that will automatically apply the discount to a person’s cart: https://<Shopify store name>{{["<priceRuleId>-<prefix>"].escaped_code }}

How Unique Discount Codes are Created for Single-Use 

To put the control in your hands, we treat all discounts the same. Drip will always generate a unique code per email recipient, and each unique code acts as a copy of the original discount. For example, if you create a single-use discount in Shopify, then select it in a Drip email, each unique code generated will act as its own single-use code.  

Limits to Unique Discount Codes That Can Be Created

Shopify allows a max of 20,000,000 unique discount codes per store. That is an account-level limit, meaning you could have one discount with 19,999,999 unique versions or 10,000,000 main discount codes with 2 unique versions. If this limit is ever hit for a store, Drip will no longer be able to generate unique discount codes. As a result, we won’t send emails that include discounts until your Shopify store is back under the limit. It’s possible to manually delete discounts in your Shopify admin to achieve that.

Using Discounts Effectively in Drip

Providing a shopper with a discount is a great incentive, though you want to discount strategically to avoid hurting your bottom line.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to position discounts to your customers, check out this guest post on our blog. We’ve also got pre-made Workflows for Cart Abandonment and Browse Abandonment that you can start using in your own account.