Activate Support All People

If you joined Drip before October 15th, 2019, you have the option to manually enable Support All People. 

At Drip, we know that the ways people engage, shop, and purchase from your brand vary greatly. Some people are brand loyalists but have never opened an email. Others open all your emails but never purchase. Our goal is to help you build loyalty and drive more revenue with your customers, no matter the channels they prefer to engage with. Marketers need to be able to build relationships and engage with ALL people, not just those who are subscribed to marketing email. 

Activating Support All People allows you to:

  • Reach ALL people through third-party integrations like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Send personalized transactional emails. 

  • Trigger behavior-based workflows for unsubscribed people. 

  • Engage with ALL people via SMS. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to activate Support All People so you can engage with your customers in all channels, and what that means for your bill. 

Before You Get Started

Here are some things to keep in mind before you turn on Support All People in your account. 

  • Activating Support All People may increase your bill. Go to People > Inactive to see how many more people you could reach, and if activating these people will increase your monthly cost. 

  • Once you activate Support All People you can use Bulk Operations to deactivate people who are not valuable. We recommend regularly deactivating unengaged people to maintain good list health and keep expenses as low as possible. 

  • Adding unsubscribed people will not impact your marketing email deliverability because they will not be receiving those emails. When pruning based on email open activity, Drip will only remove people who aren’t opening emails they actually received. It’s still important to maintain healthy contact points with these people, not abusing the channels like social media and transactional emails. 

  • Drip will always comply with GDPR and CAN-SPAM regulations. We respect the marketing preferences of consumers—if a person has unsubscribed from marketing email, Drip will not allow commercial/marketing email to be sent to them.

  • Familiarize yourself with the difference between transactional and marketing email.

Export Inactive People 

The first step is to export a CSV file of everyone who’s currently Inactive. You’ll use this CSV file to deactivate people later. 

  1. Go to People > Inactive 

  2. Click Export to CSV

The CSV file will be downloaded to your desktop. 

Activate Support All People

Only account owners and admins can activate Support All People. 

Activate Support All People. This will move everyone under the Inactive tab to Active status under the Active tab.  

  1. Go to People > Inactive 

  2. Click Activate All People 

  3. Click Confirm & Activate to confirm

Drip will begin activating all people! Once everyone has been activated, locate people under People > Active > people who are unsubscribed and People > Active > people who are undeliverable.

Deactivate Unsubscribed and Undeliverable People

After you activate Support All People, the number of Active people in your account may increase. Don’t fear! You can deactivate people who are unsubscribed and unengaged and people who are undeliverable to keep your costs down. 

  • If you want everyone who was previously Inactive to remain Inactive (and not included in your bill), reimport the CSV file you exported in the first section and select the Deactivate Person action in the automation actions step of the Bulk Operation. 

  • If you want to deactivate a specific subset of people who were previously Inactive, perform a Bulk Operation and use the People Filter to select who you want to deactivate. 

Want to automate deactivation moving forward? Install & activate Drip’s premade Deactivate a Person who is Undeliverable and Deactivate a Person who Unsubscribes from all Marketing Emails Workflows!