Abandoned Cart

Watch our Designing Workflows: Abandoned Cart episode before you get started for a break down of how to craft an Abandoned Cart Workflow. 

Know Your Strategy

Cart abandonment takes place when a shopper adds something to their cart, but leaves your site without converting. Drip’s cart abandonment strategy utilizes an email or series of emails to be sent to the person who added the items to their cart, but didn’t follow through on the purchase. Roughly 75% of all shopping carts are abandoned. Meaning, only 1 in every 4 shoppers who adds something to their cart will complete a transaction.  At Drip we know abandoned carts represent a significant revenue opportunity, and you need to have an effective strategy in place to capture it. 

Create Great Email Content

We know people who have added something to their cart are expressing intent to purchase. They’re interested in your brand, they found a product (or products) they liked, therefore they expressed intent to purchase by adding those items to their cart. Converting these types of interactions is much easier (and more cost-effective) than converting colder interactions, and can have powerful revenue implications for your business. We want you to think about the following content for your Abandonment emails. 

There are a lot of reasons someone might have abandoned their cart without checking out. Here are the most common reasons for abandonment, and ways to address them with your email content. 

  1. No clear return policy. Buying online can feel riskier for consumers than shopping in-store because they can’t see, feel, touch, or try on the product. Clearly stating your return policy in your cart abandonment emails is a great way to reassure your customers that they can make a return if they’re unhappy with their purchase. 

  2. No clear customer support. Similar to your return policy, explicitly providing your customer support information is a great way to let your customers know you’re there to answer any questions they may have. 

  3. Price. Price will always be a reason people abandon their carts. While we don’t advocate over-discounting (it can hurt your brand AND your profitability, and we think you’re awesome enough people will shop you without a discount) if a free shipping offer or a 10% off coupon is part of your existing strategy leveraging it in your cart abandonment workflow can be an effective way to recover more carts. 

  4. They forgot. The majority of shopping is done on a mobile device. It’s easy to add something to your cart and then forget to complete your checkout. Including images and descriptions of the actual products someone abandoned can improve cart abandonment conversions rates.

Configure Your Workflow

Shopify abandoned cart workflow.

To get started with Cart Abandonment install one of our pre-built Workflows, or build your own. Our pre-built Workflows have Triggers already defined to work with your ecommerce platform and include recommended Action and Delay steps.

If you choose to build your own, make sure to select the Trigger that applies to your ecommerce provider.

Before you activate your Drip Abandoned Cart Workflow, double-check your ecommerce platform set-up to ensure you don’t have built-in automation already running. Specifically, Shopify customers may already have a Shopify abandoned cart flow set-up. You’ll want to turn off any default platform abandoned cart emails to ensure you’re not double-emailing anyone.


Configure your Trigger to align with your correct ecommerce platform. 

WooCommerce: Updated a cart 

WooCommerce checkout Trigger.

Magento: Created a cart via Magento and Updated a cart via Magento

Magento cart events.

Shopify: Checkout created via Shopify and Checkout updated via Shopify

Shopify checkout events.

Shopper Activity API: Created a cart and Updated a cart

Shopper Activity API checkout events.

Craft Emails

Data suggests that cart abandonment strategies with 3 emails drove 69% more orders than a single cart abandonment email. Go in and craft your emails with our Visual Email Builder

Use a dynamic product block in your email. 

Activate Your Workflow

Click Start Workflow in the upper right-hand corner to activate your Workflow.  

Measure Abandoned Cart Workflow Performance

Abandoned cart revenue dashboard.

After your Workflow has been active for a few days, go to your Workflow Dashboard to see how your strategy is performing. Here you can see the number of orders and how much revenue the Workflow has brought in.

To further optimize your Workflow, install this Cart Abandonment with Split Test Workflow