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Intro to Drip

80 minutes

An introductory course on how to set up and use your Drip account.

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Drip as a Brand & Platform

Drip as a Brand 4:22
Drip as a Platform 2:59
Brand and Platform Quiz 5 questions

Drip Account Settings

User Settings 2:05
Account Settings 7:45
Basic Email Settings 1:42
Account Settings Quiz 7 questions

Data with Drip

People 5:42
Drip as a Database 12:01
Data with Drip Quiz 5 questions

Emails with Drip

Build Emails in Drip 10:59
Types of Email in Drip 10:21
Emails in Drip Quiz 5 questions

Automation with Drip

Automation in Drip 12:54
Automation Details 8:56
Automation with Drip Quiz 5 questions