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Marketing Automation
  for SaaS Companies

Get a taste of the email marketing automation platform that helps SaaS companies run faster, climb higher, and grow bigger.

The Future of Saas Needs Drip

By 2022, nearly 80% of companies will be running on the power of SaaS—practically double what it is today.

With fast and comprehensive onboarding, fewer costs compared with older legacy systems, and easier integration across platforms, software as a service is planting itself at the company water cooler and doesn’t look like it’s going to move anytime soon.

As companies evolve from users of archaic on-site tools into totally SaaS-powered workplaces, and as the cloud gets a bit heavier each day with new platforms piling up, it’s more important than ever to get in front of your audience and earn their loyalty.

It’s dire for SaaS to stay efficient across marketing, growth, and sales teams. Plus, you still need to nurture leads to conversion, craft a seamless onboarding program, segment your customers for tailored communications, and see how you’re doing by the numbers in a way that won’t eat up all your time and money.

In four words: You need marketing automation.

More specifically, you need the features inside of Drip that can help you find leads, retain customers, and save time while taking your SaaS company from zero to 60.


Features Made for SaaS

Drip is outfitted with intuitive features fit for serious SaaS growth. From gathering leads with inbound marketing and converting them to raving fans, to having proactive conversations that’ll keep you at the top of everyone’s mind, it’s time to see what your SaaS has been missing.

A screenshot of an automation workflow highlighting how different emails can be sent based on different tags being applied to a subscriber.

Optimize the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Laying down a long trail of breadcrumbs to guide all new leads to loyal customer status is a lot of work. It’s tedious, it’s time-consuming, and it can get expensive. Why not let Drip lay that path for you?

Features like automated workflows and rules make it possible to seamlessly usher brand new leads deeper down the customer journey until they become a user and loyal fan. They’re triggered by the actions your leads are taking, making Drip the perfect solution for adapting to any type of lead, no matter what pace they’re moving at. Rules and workflows are always humming in the background, so once you set them up, you won’t have to lay a finger on them again.

You’ll save time by automating the long and winding customer lifecycle, especially as your user count keeps growing.

Perfect Onboarding Every Time

The customer journey doesn’t screech to a halt once they sign on to what you’re selling. Instead of pumping the brakes, Drip makes sure that every onboarding sequence is reaching your newest SaaS customers from the moment they convert through the entire learning process.

Most SaaS platforms have a bit of a learning curve—even if the platform is intuitive, it’s a good idea to show your new fans around anyways. Onboarding sequences in Drip can be made using campaigns or workflows.

With campaigns, each email in your sequence will automatically send at time intervals you set (say, every day or two for a week). With workflows, though, you can set each onboarding email to send only after your new customer has opened the previous email or visited the page you intend, which is a great way to ensure they’re getting the full story of your product and not just bits and pieces.

A screenshot showing prebuilt email campaign templates containing placeholder text that can be customized to suit your needs.
A screenshot showing how a one-off email can be set up to send based on a trigger within an automation workflow.

Reduce Churn with Proactive, Meaningful Engagement

Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out to customers on their way out. Inside of Drip, you can weed out users who haven’t been very active lately. Maybe they’ve been on vacation, maybe they lost their email password, or maybe they’ve been eying competing services that have been wooing them with paid ads and enticing offers.

Send re-engagement broadcasts to your users who haven’t been active in the past 10, 15, or 30 days (or whichever threshold you want), and keep them from leaving. A show of appreciation, a kind word, an interesting blog article, or a little discount could be just the nudge your user needs to know you care about them (and keep them in your customer count).

Follow up with Canceled Customers, then Grow with Feedback

When you’re in SaaS, it’s important to understand why your customers churn. Are they leaving you for a competitor that has a feature your product doesn’t? Are they feeling pressured by your pricing? Is your customer service too restrictive?

Many times, customers churn because of misunderstandings or problems that can be easily resolved. And sometimes, a customer churns for absolutely no fault of your product—they closed their business, they hired an agency that uses a different platform, or their cousin Johnny will do something for free.

Whatever the reason, it’s helpful to understand churn so that you can make your product into one that has an excellent customer experience and, in turn, customer loyalty.

With Drip, you’ll never miss another opportunity to engage with customers who cancel and get the valuable feedback you need. Whether that’s through asking for a simple written reply or sending them a survey about their experience, you’ll be able to reach out and have open, honest communication with churned customers—automatically.

A screenshot showing a drafted email containing Liquid tags to substitute in user data, and conditionally show a section based off whether a user has a certain tag applied.
A screenshot of an automation workflow showing how a charge in Stripe can add a customer to a Facebook Custom Audience campaign.

Engage with users across all Channels

Your target audience is everywhere. They’re scrolling through Facebook, browsing your website, watching your tutorials, and living a pretty typical internet life. This appetite for virtual exploration is exactly why it doesn’t make sense to understand only what someone is doing with the emails you send them.

Drip integrates with nearly 100 marketing platforms providing tools from CRM and ecommerce to payment processors and lead capture. In other words, Drip dovetails nicely with the rest of the tools you need to grow your SaaS company.

Inside of Drip, you can open up lines of data between all of your marketing channels, whether it includes Drip or not. For example, you can set basic rules that will add users to a Facebook Custom Audience when they sign up for your next event in Eventbrite.

At the same time, you can start sending that person a precision email campaign all about the event they’re about to attend, plus save them for emails about similar events coming up in the future.

Hefty Data Means Effective Optimization

When you put time and resources into assembling any type of marketing campaign, you want to be sure it’s working. When you’re unsure of the numbers, you’ll never be able to see what’s effective and adjust what’s not.

With 10 different native reports tracking users, email metrics, events, conversions, and more, you can see exactly what’s resonating with your target audience. Only when you have the right insights in front of you can you get a full-color view of what’s working and where you can optimize.

A screenshot showing a line graph with three different lines, comparing email opens, clicks, and replies.

As You Grow, We Grow with You

We’ve already talked about all the big-time growth SaaS is experiencing. This also means, though, that your own SaaS company is probably experiencing those very same spurts. But even if your company is growing faster than you imagined, you don’t have to suffer through the growing pains—Drip was made to scale with you.

We’re fit for companies starting with a clean user slate or businesses coming in with a heavy portfolio of templates and campaigns (and any business in-between). With the ability to tag by actions and events, then segment and act accordingly for each unique user, Drip makes it easy to communicate with 100 users, 100,000 users, or 1,000,000 users.

About to outgrow your current platform?

If you’ve already chosen a platform but know you’re about to outgrow it any day now, we can help there, too. Start sending with Drip on your own or browse over any of the levels of help our Customer Success team can offer.

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