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Drip + Shopify: Set Your Store Apart in More Ways  
than You Thought Possible

Use every ounce of Shopify data to automate your marketing, and drive more sales with all the features this integration deserves.

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1 One-click Simplicity

Integrating your Shopify store with Drip is a cinch:

  • Select Shopify when you sign up.
  • Enter your store’s web address.
  • Hit “authorize.”
  • Hang out and relax.

All historical order and product data will automatically sync with Drip when you integrate so that you can create personalized marketing campaigns from the get-go. It’s magic made simple.

Let’s Get Personal

It’s time to put your Shopify store’s treasure trove of customer data to revenue-generating use. With Drip’s powerful segmentation capabilities, you can use all your customer info from Shopify to create highly personalized marketing campaigns. Target customers based on real behaviors, like:

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Order details

Building a segment of customers who used a discount on their last three orders? No problem! Looking to target customers that bought ugly Christmas sweaters in overstocked sizes? Piece of cake!

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Viewed a product

Create segments, workflow decisions, or subscriber filters based on what products someone has or hasn’t viewed. Email people who look at any collection after they’ve viewed it, but don’t buy.

An illustration of a sales tag.

Vendor segmentation

Looking to tag a customer as interested in Nike because they added shoes to their cart? You got it! Now you can set a tag or custom field based on vendor property.

An illustration of a stack of money.

Category segmentation

Target customers based on the category of things they’ve purchased most often, like socks, underwear, candles, or whatever it is you’re vending. Oh-la-la!

3 Guided Workflows

Drip’s Workflows enable relevant, targeted marketing based on actions your customers take. And Guided Workflows are like regular workflows, but on steroids.

They’re pre-made, beefed up, and ready to do your heavy lifting. For example, the new Cart Abandonment Guided Workflow lets you activate a Cart Abandonment workflow in just four simple steps so that you can jump straight into capturing lost revenue in a matter of minutes.

4 Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content blocks are bits of copy that adapt to every customer, which you can drop into any email when you want to amp up the personal factor. Drip’s Shopify integration learns from what your customers are doing and is able to drop in copy reflecting Product Recommendations or your Top-selling Product.

These are two new dynamic content blocks that you can stick in any of your Broadcast, Campaign, and Workflow emails. In one click, you’ll have a personalized product rec or your most popular products right in your email, tailored to anyone and everyone who gets it.

5 Mission Control Center

Think of your Drip Revenue Dashboard as the mission control center for your online business. Just a glance lets you know exactly what’s driving the most revenue into your business and which marketing activities you might need to optimize.

See exactly how much revenue you’ve made from Drip activities, and see a snapshot of top-performing workflows and campaigns, and even analyze the performance of recent broadcasts—all from one tidy dashboard. Simply log into your Drip account and you’re ready to launch.

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See how to cash in on your store’s full potential with the Drip + Shopify integration.