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Email marketing for WordPress. All grown up.

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Automated Workflows

These bad boys make sure you reach out exactly when people on your list do things you care about, like visit a product page 83 times, sign up for blog updates, click in an email, and more. Just download the Drip Plugin, hit start, and away you go.

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A screenshot of an automation workflow highlighting how different emails can be sent based on different tags being applied to a subscriber.

Moving Is Easy

Nervous about change? Don’t sweat it. Drip offers tons of resources to get you sending quickly, but if you find yourself wanting a hand, we have a variety of implementation services we can offer.

A colorful illustration representing a simple set up process.
An illustration of a megaphone balancing on a ball.

Make Your Mark

We’re here to help your website grow bigger and better. It’s a good thing our support squad is well-versed in all things WordPress and Drip to help you make your mark.

Done-for-you JavaScript

JavaScript is the magic that puts your WordPress website and Drip in perfect harmony. And when you use Drip’s WordPress Plugin, we install the snippet for you on every page. No fuss, no muss.

A screenshot of a Drip's Migration Services page showing the various migration options available to new customers.
A screenshot of Drip's Knowledge Base homepage.

A Big, Fat Brain

Gotta question? We got answers. Our Knowledge Base is packed to the gills with how-to articles to help WordPress users do what they need to succeed with their new ECRM.

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Questions you might have.

What is ecommerce customer relationship management (ECRM)?
ECRM stands for Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management, but it means so much more. ECRM unites all the customer data collected across your ecommerce platform and marketing channels, organizes it, and makes it accessible and useful. ECRM empowers retailers to use every bit of info to make timely, personalized customer experiences through email, social media, SMS, paid ads, postcards, and beyond to build long-term customer loyalty. An ECRM helps people with WordPress websites (you) reinvigorate a more personal feel at scale, which is exactly what your customers are craving—and is exactly what will have you outselling competitors and cold retail experiences.
Why would I use Drip’s Facebook integration instead of WordPress’s?
WordPress’s integration with Facebook allows you to easily publicize to your Facebook page, but functionality beyond that is limited. Drip’s integration with Facebook Custom Audiences automatically and instantly adds or removes people from custom audiences based on rules you set or workflows you build. For example, instantly add someone to your “Cat Owners” custom audience after they visit any page in your “cat tips” category on your WordPress site. By doing this, they’ll be seeing your awesome ads for new cat content the next time they go on Facebook, which is excellent timing, my friend.
How can Drip make me more money?
Online shopping has turned into a battle of between barcodes vs. brands, commodities vs. corner-store experiences. Consumers today are yearning for the human touch, but most online stores are still focused on selling cold and fast. Specialty retailers that use ECRM are able to build the experiences that real people want today. With Drip, brands can give human, one-to-one touches through all their marketing channels at scale. When stores can connect with each customer at the right time with relevant messaging, that’s when loyalty is built. When people on your list have a face-melting experience, they’re going to come back for more. When you reach out to them at the perfect time with the perfect message for the perfect item or content, they’re going to come and check it out.

Email marketing all grown up.