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Automated Workflows

These bad boys make sure you keep in touch when customers do things you care about, like make a purchase, abandon a cart, or visit a product page 83 times. Take action and send relevant emails when it matters most, 24/7.

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A screenshot of an automation workflow highlighting how different emails can be sent based on different tags being applied to a subscriber.

Moving Is Easy

Nervous about change? Don’t sweat it. Drip offers tons of resources to get you sending quickly, but if you find yourself wanting a hand, we have a variety of implementation services we can offer.

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Helpful Nerds

We’re nerds through and through. Our support squad knows all the tech stuff, which means they’ll always be able to answer even your nerdiest questions by way of phone, chat, and email.

Done-for-you JavaScript

JavaScript is the magic that makes Drip and your store such a powerful duo. When you integrate the two platforms, we install your Drip JS for you. No muss, no fuss.

A screenshot of a Drip's Migration Services page showing the various migration options available to new customers.
A screenshot of Drip's Knowledge Base homepage.

A Big, Fat Brain

Our Knowledge Base is home to thousands of Drip how-to articles and videos that can help even the greenest of marketers go pro in just a few steps.

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Questions you might be asking.

What is an ECRM?
ECRM stands for Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management, but it means so much more. ECRM unites all the customer data collected across your ecommerce platform and marketing channels, organizes it, and makes it accessible and useful. ECRM empowers retailers to use every bit of info to make timely, personalized customer experiences through email, social media, SMS, paid ads, postcards, and beyond to build long-term customer loyalty.
How does Drip track customers?
Remember that JavaScript snippet we mentioned before? That li’l bit of code is the all-seeing bridge between your Shopify store and your Drip account. It’s what sends information about what your customers are clicking in your store right to Drip so that you can do things like trigger personalized email campaigns, workflows, Facebook ads, and more based on their unique actions.
Why do I need an ECRM?
Online shopping has turned into a battle of between barcodes vs. brands, commodities vs. corner-store experiences. Consumers today are yearning for the human touch, but most online stores are still focused on selling cold and fast. Specialty retailers that use ECRM are able to build the experiences that real people want today. With Drip, brands can give human, one-to-one touches through all their marketing channels at scale. When stores can connect with each customer at the right time with relevant messaging, that’s when loyalty is built.
Does Drip replace typical email service providers or work alongside them?
Drip is a full-featured Ecommerce CRM and email service provider. It's designed to handle all of your email marketing and marketing automation needs, from gathering emails via an opt-in form on your website, sending marketing sequences and one-off broadcasts, sending emails to trial/demo users, and paying customers. Drip also has advanced automation features like tags, custom events, and custom fields/attributes.
How good is your deliverability? As good as the bigger guys’?
Yes, we use Sendgrid and Rackspace's mail service Mailgun. Both are extremely reliable, fast and secure. Companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and Heroku use them, among many others.
Why pink?
We used to be blue, but have you seen how many companies use blue? We were lost in the mix. Faceless. Bland. Vanilla. So when refreshing the brand, we chose pink. Pink stands out. Pink is fun. We like fun. You like fun, don’t you? Come have some fun with us.

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