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Sell More Without Using Amazon

In this free masterclass, Tim Paige lays out three easy strategies in Drip that give your customers an experience that Amazon can’t (so you sell more pronto), then offers up some freebies to help you get started.

Watch the masterclass!!

Sell More Without Using Amazon

Learn how to outlove Amazon and sell more stuff in just 30 minutes with Tim Paige. He’ll show you how Drip can help you:

A screenshot of a handful of emails that makeup an abandonment campaign.

Build a badass page abandonment campaign

See how an online shop bumped up annual revenue 22% with just one personalized email campaign.

An illustration symbolizing an opened email.

Make the most of unopened emails

Tim will show ya how to increase open rates 30-40% on average with one little trick.

A playful illustration of a Facebook ad targetted at a person's most loyal customers.

Create some serious customer loyalty

Learn how one company stepped up its customer loyalty game and increased customer LTV by 8%.

If you’re into the idea of ditching Amazon as a way to sell (and you like hanging onto more of your revenue), then join Tim for this masterclass that’ll show you how.

Watch the masterclass!!

Goodies to Get Started

Watch ‘til the end and we’ll hook you up with free goodies to help you get started in Drip right away. These are freebies that’ll have you giving each of your customers an experience that wouldn’t be possible with Amazon. Ready to show your customers a good time?