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Big-time ecommerce data.
 Full-color customer intel.

Tags, Custom Fields, and Events

Learn Each Person’s Story

The more you know about your customers, the more you can customize their experience with your shop. Apply custom tags, craft custom fields, and record unique events so you can always see—and act on—the full story behind every customer.

A screenshot of a person's timeline within Drip, showing what emails they've recieved, as well as what triggers they've fired and tags that have been applied.
A screenshot of a setting within Drip where you choose how many lead score points get applied to a subscriber based on events and engagement activity.

Purchase Intent Marketing

Pinpoint Your Hottest Customers

Give your customers points for engaging with your store, then check on the leaderboard to see who your most loyal fans are at any time. With Lead Scoring in Drip, pick the actions that reflect high engagement with your brand, then apply point values for each one. Every time a customer does one of those things, they’ll get some more points and you’ll get some more insight.

Happy customers, happy you.

With handsome emails and relevant lingo, your marketing will mean more to all your customers, which only means good things for you.