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Goodbye, best guesses. Hello,
 data-based decisions.

Custom Conversion Tracking

Unique Business, Unique Conversions

Ebook downloads, promo plan signups, demo requests—what does a conversion mean for your business? In Drip, choose your own custom conversions, set a dollar amount, and automatically track conversion rates and how they’re hitting your bottom line.

A screenshot showing a line graph of conversion data inside the Drip dashboard.
A screenshot showing a line graph with three different lines, comparing email opens, clicks, and replies.

Native Reports & Dashboards

Create. Track. Optimize. Repeat.

Drip is stuffed with more than 10 reports you can turn to for proof and guidance. Let the data show you your progress, what’s working, and what needs some work. Understand your trends and act accordingly. (Or use them as proof for your boss that you’re doing a bang-up job.)

Exportable Data Sets

Use Your Data Where You Need It

We’re not greedy here at Drip. if you want to share your data, who are we to stop you? With exportable data sets like lists of people and Lead Scores, go ahead and share that info with the rest of your ecommerce marketing ecosystem with one click.

A screenshot showing a list of emails about to be exported to CSV format.

Happy customers, happy you.

With handsome emails and relevant lingo, your marketing will mean more to all your customers, which only means good things for you.