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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! Learn more about our best-in-class workflows, APIs, email blueprints, and more.

Getting Started

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation focused on providing your leads and prospects customized information based on their behavior and interactions with your website and company. Drip focuses on the email and analytics portion of marketing automation, and takes it one step further by interacting with your trial users and customers as well.

If you're wondering why you should care, read this article: Why Marketing Automation Is the Future of Email Marketing

Can I send individual emails and email sequences based on actions a user performs in my application?

Definitely. In addition to marketing emails, Drip can be triggered to send emails based on events in your app such as creating their first project, tracking their first minute of time, or viewing your upgrade page.

Do you have more detailed documentation?

Absolutely, we have a knowledge base filled with articles, screencast videos and email blueprints at

Branding & Customization

Can I send both HTML and text emails?

We send both HTML and text emails every time. You need text emails in order to work well with spam filters, but you can't track opens for text emails. Providing you with trustworthy and actionable usage analytics is a core focus of Drip so we engineered our own "plain text" HTML template that looks very similar to plain text but is actually HTML. It’s been so successful for our customers that it’s the only template we currently offer.

Do you have a custom template builder?

You betcha! We allow you to house multiple templates right in your Drip account. Our point-and-click Visual Builder lets you make beautiful designed emails to help you showcase your products, demo your classes, and more—without having to know any code. The Text Builder is still here, though, for when you want a simple HTML plain text template that is optimized for readability and clicks.

Can I track Drip email activity with Google Analytics?

By default, clicks from any email will show up as direct traffic - if someone's reading it in Gmail or YahooMail it will show up as coming from or However, you can tag links via the Google URL Builder and they will show up in your Campaigns section of Google Analytics:

Drip also tracks all of your clicks to show you who clicked, opened, etc... and also aggregate percentage values. We also have a checkbox where we automatically send any conversions you track in Drip into Google Analytics as a GA Goal.


Can I change my plan?

Drip will always place you in the most cost-effective plan based on the number of active people in your account and the volume of emails you send during the month. If you exceed the limit for your specific plan, we’ll move you to the next higher plan for your next bill. When you prune your list or people become inactive, dropping your account into a lower plan level, we’ll simply downgrade you automatically after your next charge.

How do annual plans work?

Annual plans from Drip are designed to save you money. Drip works on a credit system, so when you purchase an annual plan, you get two months of free bonus credits added to your account. When the number of active people in your account grows and you move up a plan, your credits get used more quickly at your new rate. If some people become inactive, or you decide to prune your list, we’ll simply move you down a plan, and you’ll continue to use your credit balance a bit slower.

Whenever your account runs out of credits, we’ll automatically extend your membership on an annual basis, and once again, add two new months of free bonus credits at your updated plan level.

Do you have a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes! We offer a 30% discount for non-profit organizations and charities. Simply sign up for any account and then contact our Support team, and we’ll be glad to set up your discount for your account.

List Management

Can I manually add someone to a Drip campaign?

Yes, we have both a server-side REST API and a client side JavaScript API that allow you to add people to your list. You can also add people, tags and custom events through the Drip web interface by CSV import using Imports/Bulk Ops.

And you can always export your email list to CSV from the Campaign → Subscribers tab.

How do I find the people who have made it through a campaign and converted versus those that didn’t?

To see a list of all people who have converted go to Goals, click on the goal name, then click the conversions tab.

How are unsubscribes handled?

Our emails keep with CAN-SPAM compliance by providing an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. We also have advanced logic to handle if someone is subscribed to more than one of your lists - they can choose which they unsubscribe from.

Can I A/B test signup widget copy?

Not yet, but this is coming soon. Currently, you can test email subjects, form names, and delivery times.

Messaging Options

Can I use Drip for ALL of my mass emails?

You can! We will even add your Mailchimp/AWeber/etc. recipient lists for free, making it that much easier for you.

Does Drip replace typical email service providers or work alongside them?

Drip is a full-featured email service provider and is designed to handle all of your email marketing and marketing automation needs, from gathering emails via an opt-in form on your website, sending marketing sequences and one-off broadcasts, sending emails to trial/demo users, and paying customers.

Drip also has advanced automation features like tags, custom events, and custom fields/attributes.

Can "broadcast" messages be queued up to go at a later date?

Yep! You can also send a broadcast to multiple lists at the same time, and we de-dupe for you so people only receive 1 copy of the email (something we wanted our previous email provider to do for years!)

Technical Questions

How good is your deliverability?

We use the same extremely reliable, fast and secure services that companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and Heroku use, among many others.

Do we have to set up an SMTP connection or have DKIM keys in place to use this?

No, we handle all of that for you. We have the DKIM and SPF in place to authenticate the campaign so you don't have to worry about it.

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