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Drip vs. Emarsys


You want to level up your business and its marketing game, but you’re not sure where to start. There are a lot of options out there that help with marketing automation and we’re here to break them down for you. Compare Drip Ecommerce CRM with Emarsys in a side-by-side comparison that gives you the highlights of each platform.

But why would we tell you about a competitor? Honesty is still the best policy, and we wholeheartedly believe in our platform. We don’t feel we have to embellish or play up our platform to get you on board.

We show the pros and cons of each service when it comes to the nine essentials of ecommerce email marketing software, so that you can make a smart decision for yourself. We’ll even update this guide as the platforms add or change features (so you’re always in the know).

Taking this big leap with your company and team can be stressful. You probably already have loads of questions about each service’s features, usability, and more. Rest assured that once you get through our guide, you’ll understand what Drip and Emarsys can bring to your table.

1. Plays nice with Facebook

Us: Who runs the world? Right now, Facebook. The social media giant drives audiences and customers from around the world to ecommerce stores all day, every day. That’s why Drip has some key integrations to harness the power of Facebook users. Ready to grow your fan base? Here is what Drip can do for you on the platform:

For starters, Drip can connect to your company’s Facebook Custom Audiences and drastically cut down on your workload. With this integration, you won’t worry about constantly adjusting your audiences on the fly. Drip will automatically finesse your groups and target the perfect ads to them.

Adding and removing people regularly can be tedious and time consuming. Let us handle it for you. We do all the heavy lifting based on people’s actions, like if they opened a specific campaign email or if they bought a product from you. The best part is that you can oversee it all from inside your Drip workflow.

To take your Facebook game to the next step, Drip can connect with Facebook Lead Ads. When a potential fan clicks on your Facebook ad and enters their email and other info, they instantly become a “lead” sent to your workflow. Design your workflows to take your leads through any number of actions you choose, like receiving a welcome email and follow-up coupons. It’s easy to convert once-passive Facebook users who are just browsing into regular customers.

And if you happen to come across the occasional customer who has unsubscribed from your marketing emails, don’t sweat it!—Drip has you covered. You business now has the opportunity to go beyond the inbox to engage with customers wherever they’re spending time. From hyper-personalized transactional emails, to multichannel workflows, social media retargeting, and third-party integrations like SMS and direct mail, multichannel marketing lets you connect anytime, anywhere.

Emarsys: Just like Drip, you can marry your Facebook accounts to Emarsys’ platform. Consolidate and make your Facebook efforts smarter with automation so you can take advantage of the millions of active users on the network. With Emarsys’ integration, you can work with Facebook ads, adjust audience segments daily, work with look-alike audiences, cap your monthly budget, and measure ad impact using control programs. There’s LOADS that can be achieved with Emarsys.

Winner: Both Drip and Emarsys capitalize on the mega reach of Facebook by integrating with both Lead Ads and Custom Audiences. Emarsys goes a step beyond, though, and lets you create ads and see data from the ad inside the app, giving it the upper hand in this competition.

2. Automation Capabilities

Us: With Drip’s if-this-then-that rules and workflows, automation is simple, sweet, and highly effective. You get practically countless possibilities when designing workflows. Sounds good, right? You can make it so that every time someone takes an action that fulfills a rule, an appropriate reaction is triggered.

You get to choose all the rules and reactions, so you get the exact result you desire. For example, you can set a rule that when any new lead gives you their email, a welcome email is sent to their inbox. You can pick specific emails or campaigns, control the the timing of when they receive them and even trigger multiple reactions. The power is all yours.

Here I am, making it so when anyone views a product on my Shopify store, they’re sent an email campaign geared toward those with a lot of interest in what I offer.

In the end, Drip’s rules and workflows are what you make of it—they can be as simple or inclusive as your business needs. If navigating workflows and creating them from scratch sounds stressful, our smarty pants developers have provided pre-made workflows you can start with and adapt as time goes on.

Emarsys: Emarsys wants to take care of your customer engagement so you can focus more on the fun stuff, like creative content and strategy. This way you save time, money and energy. Much like Drip, this platform’s workflows can control automation across many marketing channels, not just on your email campaigns.

For example, you can add an engagement layer to your website, which makes it possible to take behaviors on your site and make triggers out of them. This way, campaigns are always changing and evolving to meet customers where they are.

Winner: Both Drip and Emersys put email marketing automation on a pedestal. With features like rules and workflow within both platforms, this category comes out to tie. In times like these, we recommend trying out each platform and seeing which one jives better with you and your needs in terms of usability and learning curve.

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3. Visual Builder

Us: Drip comes with intuitive visual builders to help you get the most out of our automation. Complete with pretty color-coded categories, our visual workflow builder will make sure you’re never lost. The vertical whiteboard makes it simple to change up your workflows, no matter how big they get.

And with Drip’s Visual Email Builder, you also get to stay in the platform for all your needs. Design fabulous emails for your campaigns using the drag-and-drop builder. With this feature, there’s no need to code HTML from scratch or sign up for another service to make a template. It’s just one example of the features we’re constantly adding to benefit your bottom line.

Just puttin’ together a quick message with the Visual Email Builder.

Emarsys: You want visual builders? You got it! Emarsys brings you visual email and workflow builders just like Drip. You don’t need to code line after line of HTML or export all your emails for another provider. Use the drag-and-drop builder to make email design a cinch.

Next, add them to any of your workflows. Unlike Drip, workflows in Emarsys run horizontally. It’s all about your personal preference. The platform even comes with “blueprints” based off best practices you can start with, akin to Drip’s pre-built workflows.

Winner: Drip has a slight edge in this category. While both platforms sport visual workflow and email builders, the point-and-click interface is more user-friendly than a drag-and-drop one.

4. Individual Customer Journeys

Us: Get up close and personal with your customers by using Drip’s individual customer timelines. This fancy data technology shows you all the ways someone has interacted with your business in chronological order.

Feeling a little bit like Big Brother with all that info and wondering why you need it? Growing your base of loyal ecommerce customers means understanding them more than your competitors. With deets like these, you can see how long it took for someone to make a purchase or which email campaign convinced them to convert. That way you can start making more strategic marketing decisions based on what people actually do, not just what you think they do.

Split Testing in Workflows is one of Drip’s latest stellar features and gives you an eagle-eye view of which experiences drive the highest revenue, highest average order value, most conversions, or total site visits. Whether you’re in the mood to test an entire workflow or just a few bits and pieces, this is split testing to the max.

Emarsys: Emarsys believes that understanding behavior is the key to personalization. So they created these fancy pages called Unified Customer Profiles. The profile is your gateway to a person's actions and behaviors. See how much they’ve spent, when they opened emails or clicked on ads all in one spot. This way you can connect meaningful events to each other. Use this real-time data to understand behaviors and patterns, and switch up your strategy on solid intel.

Winner: This battle is neck-and-neck. Drip is priceless when it comes to its ability to trigger rules and workflows to further build on your customers’ engagement. Emarsys is different, though, when it comes to its inclusion of comparative data, e.g., “customer X has clicked on your website 20% more than your typical customer.”

If comparative data at-the-ready could be useful to you, then Emarsys is the way to go. But if using engagement level as an automation trigger fits your needs more, then head to Drip.

5. Segmentation Capabilities

Us: See the whole picture when it comes to your leads and customers. After all, exploring the data is half the fun of working with Drip to know your company’s fans. Because we know everyone is different and finds your company in a different way, we’ve made it possible to label each person’s experience with various tags—anything from locations, dates, choices a person made, or even choices they didn’t make.

When you want to know how many times your customer has done something—like visit a specific page or make a purchase—then segmenting by events is just what you need. And if you’re looking to segment customers based on items they’ve purchased and brands they’ve ordered, Drip’s Shopper Activity API will help you bring people closer to your brand with even deeper personalization opportunities.

Getting granular while making a specific segment of highly engaged customers.

This flexible segmentation system lets you check out every pocket of your audience in a lot of different ways, so there’s never-ending flexibility when it comes to filtering, messaging, and automations.

Emarsys: Similar to Drip, the advanced segmentation Emarsys brings to the table lets you create micro-audiences based on interactions a customer has with your business. Use the analytics dashboard to get a complete segmentation overview, develop performance reviews, and dive deep into your metrics.

Winner: Because of how user-friendly creating segments and filtering people is in Drip, it’s the winner of this category. Emarsys limits the number of “data fields” you can have in a single account, and the language surrounding how to apply and use “data fields” is more complex than it should be. Stay easy, flexible, and scalable with Drip’s tag-based segmentation and filtering.

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6. Fit Your Stack

Us: When it comes to our integration stack, you won’t be disappointed. Drip comes with almost 100 application integrations, and more are being added on the regular! After all, we take pride in getting along with all the big players in the ecommerce game and making it easy for you to connect and expand your business.

You also don’t have to worry that a certain app you love doesn’t integrate with Drip’s platform. We swear by our API (Application programming interface) and our detailed documentation library. Adapt virtually any tool to talk to this platform so you have the ultimate automation setup for your team.

Emarsys: Even though it’s hard to pinpoint just how many app integrations Emarsys has, they are billed as the largest independent marketing company in the world. That’s no small feat, my friends! What we can tell you is that Emarsys boasts product partnership with the largest names in ecommerce. This includes Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and CRM, Shopify and SAP Hybris.

You can check out the Help Portal and see there are other big integrations available with sites like Facebook and Google. Emarsys’ API is also available to developers and comes with a developer hub filled with resources.

Winner: It’s always nice to have native integrations with all the software you’re using for your online shop right now. Both Drip and Emarsys have native integrations with the most popular ecommerce platforms around, but when there isn’t an integration in place, Drip has the advantage by integrating with middleware like Zapier.

7. Ease of Implementation

Us: Data migration can feel like the scary monster living under your bed. But don’t let the fear of a complicated process stop you from a great business decision. Drip provides various levels of implementation support from to make moving your lists, tags, segments, and HTML templates simple—but there are also lots of resources that make implementation on your own a snap. Say "hey!" to live chat (live chat available 7 am – 7 pm CT, Mon. - Fri.) and email support, how-to videos, digestible articles, and more. Ultimately, we’ll make sure getting started with Drip is as hassle-free as possible.

Emarsys: Think a smooth data migration requires nothing short of magic? Well, Emarsys has something for that: The Import Wizard! The Wizard’s job is to make manual importing of contact data super simple. For the few things The Wizard can’t handle, like duplicate contacts and newsletters, there is plenty of documentation in the help portal. Various FAQs and guides can guide you through whatever process you need.

Winner: Drip offers a nice array of consultation and implementation service levels from a dedicated ECRM customer success team, as well as unbeatable customer support, which gives it the winning edge for must-have number 7.

8. Is It Built For Humans?

Us: We’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and love into making Drip intuitive and stress-free. After all, we eat our own dogfood here, and we use Drip to run our own email marketing automation. So we did everyone a favor and created a platform that’s easy for newbies to learn and experienced marketers to pick up. All of our features are visual, intuitive, and often color-coded, too. Just like we like it (hey, we’re people, too).

And if you’re looking to create personalized content, Drip’s platform eliminates any stress. Your email copy is able to automatically and dynamically update for each customer and show top-selling products, product recommendations, dynamic discounts, and price-drop notifications that’ll have customers scrambling back to your store's checkout.

Plus, if you have any trouble while in the platform, there are different support options to choose from. Anyone on a Basic plan or higher has access to live chat and email support (free!). Don’t have a “big ask” or want to figure it out yourself? Explore Drip’s learning center MyDrip and blog to solve issues and understand other platform perks. And if you like having people to nerd out with, Drip has Facebook groups filled with reliable users ready to dole out advice (and some friendly encouragement if ya need it).

Emarsys: Emarsys also has a slick visual approach to their do-it-all marketing platform. Their user cloud accounts are set up to be easily navigated with drop-down icons, and the platform has a sharp look that makes it easy to explore and learn all of its features. The design makes the platform a lot less intimidating. After all, Emarsys can help marketers with emails, ads, social media, mobile platforms, and their websites. Organization is key here.  

If you do get lost in your work, Emarsys comes with a few support options. The Help Portal provides you a plethora of videos, user guides, live updates of the system status and a support center. Choose from chatting, calling, emailing or opening a ticket to get help with an issue.

Winner: While Emarsys is user-friendly in some arenas, its language is complex and there is more of a learning curve than you’ll find with Drip. Because of its simplicity and straightforward language, Drip wins for humans.

9. Workflows You Can Set Goals In

Us: It doesn’t take a social media guru to notice that people are all about the #goals these days. And with good reason. Goals are important and we know that at Drip. That’s why we created a goal feature for your workflows.

Inside of workflows, you can set one or many goals that you want people to reach. No matter where in the workflow someone is, if they meet the next goal in the workflow, they are moved ahead in the workflow. This means people will be able to bypass unnecessary steps, like redundant emails or ads, once they’ve met desired goals.

Let’s say the goal is for a person to “make a purchase,” and they buy something from you while they’re in the middle of your workflow. They’ll be automatically taken out of whatever campaigns they’re in and will resume their journey at the point of the goal.

If someone is in the “Flash Sale Campaign” when they order something in Shopify, they’ll be pulled out of that campaign and get plunked down at the next step after that goal.

Emarsys: As we already talked about, goals are pretty useful workflow tools. With them you can measure the success of your efforts and continue keep your customers happy (and coming back for more). But unfortunately, Emarsys does not have a similar feature.

Winner: Because goals are missing in Emarsys, Drip runs away with this must-have. Using goals is a good way to avoid spamming your customers with emails, ads, and more that are trying to get them to do something they already did. After all, no one wants to sound naggy, right?

Drip vs. Emarsys: The Verdict

Getting into email automation can be a game changer for ecommerce companies, but which platform is going to get you what you need? Drip and Emarsys have a whole lot to offer. Both platforms clearly can get the job done, but which one will be most useful to your ecommerce business and your team?

Emersys boasts some big name clients and partners, so there’s not doubt that they bring a great platform to the table. If you’re a larger operation, or even a shoestring business struggling to keep up with marketing efforts, Emarsys will make it easier to automate multiple channels in an easy-to-understand way. Overall, the all-in-one, cloud-based marketing platform is a big player, but their product can still seema bit mysterious. Their website doesn’t walk through their many features, but you can book a demo by filling out a form giving them a call to talk to someone instantly.  

Don’t want to wait to see what a platform can offer. You can start a free demo of Drip at any time. Both platforms offer a lot of the same features, but you can see everything you’re getting with Drip upfront on our website (with handy dandy guides like this one). A big factor that sets us apart though are workflow goals. Goals are our life blood and provide an invaluable service to your business and customers. Ready to learn and love Drip? Start that free two-week trial here.

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