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Senior Software Engineer, Product Insights

You must be located in or able to relocate to Minneapolis, MN for this position.

Join Drip as we positively impact tens of thousands of passionate users and marketing professionals around the globe.

Drip is the world’s first ECRM: an ecommerce CRM that enables retailers to build personal and profitable relationships with their customers at scale. We believe the world needs specialty retail and Drip is the platform that enables competition with the impersonal Ecommerce giants. We are well-funded, growing super fast, and building a beautiful product. We have offices in Minneapolis and Greater Salt Lake.

About the role

As a Senior Insights Engineer, you will be part of a brand new team on a mission to turn data into actionable insights. Your job is twofold: 1) Leverage data to help our customers be more efficient and effective in their communications than ever before. 2) Leverage data to influence our product roadmap to ensure we’re building a world-class product our customers love.

You will be working arm in arm with a winning team of data scientists and engineers that move quickly, get things done, and love what they do. 

Your contributions will include:

  • Developing efficient and maintainable data pipelines in AWS
  • Architecting scalable and maintainable data-intensive applications complete with automated testing
  • Optimizing data flows for simplicity and efficiency of computing resources
  • Writing and maintaining high-throughput APIs

About you

  • You live and breathe big-data. You have deep knowledge of the following concepts with hands-on experience with many popular technologies: Software development (TDD, API development, Python), Event stream processing (Kinesis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS), ETL (AWS Glue, Airflow), Massive parallel processing (Apache Spark, EMR, Hadoop), Data warehousing (RedShift, RedShift Spectrum, Athena, columnar storage), Databases (Postgres, MongoDB, DynanomoDB)
  • You care about the customer. You are proud of your attention to detail and exceedingly aware of how what you’re building will be used. We’re looking for engineers who are passionate about solving problems for real humans.
  • You strive for simplicity. You know there are no points for clever. Whether you’re using a product or designing data pipelines consuming petabytes of data, you often think of ways to make it simpler. You’re the one in the room to point out “if we did it this way, we could get 90% of the way there in 50% of the time.”
  • You move fast. Perfect is the enemy of done. You are often embarrassed by the first version of something you’ve built but proud of how fast you released it. Speed is your superpower and you iterate quickly and often.
  • You get things done. “Not my job” is not in your vocabulary. You’re the one who steps up to the plate and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. You set your own goals and meet them.

Who We Are

  • Competitive pay, benefits, and equity
  • A fully-stocked snack bar and drink fridge to keep you fueled
  • Relocation reimbursement, as needed. Please note that residence in or relocation to Minnesota / Utah is our one non-negotiable
  • The chance to learn from some of the best people in the business, including our fiercely compassionate leadership team
  • Challenging and meaningful problems to solve - you will invariably make a difference and impact
  • A vibrant and devoted team, who still finds time for fun
  • Finally, no politics and no jerks
We consider working for a successful early-stage tech company to be a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. You will work hard and face exciting challenges, but our positions come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. If you bring your best self to the table, we'll do the same.

At Drip, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individualities and honor their unique strengths from all different walks of life. We believe that embracing the diversity of thought and perspective encourages collaboration that leads to product (and people!) innovation, diverse products and a successful business.

Does all of this sound like you?

Want to join us as we positively impact tens of thousands of passionate users and marketing professionals around the globe? Little ripples make big waves, so grab an oar and row with us.