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Vice President of Engineering

Ecommerce retailers are facing a stark choice: they must develop an authentic, personal relationship with their customers at scale or risk becoming treated like a commodity in an Amazon-dominated world. In short, they must build a brand or become a barcode. 
Drip believes the world is a better place when there is choice. The exact type choice that speciality retailers offer. We created Drip to help retailers of all sizes compete and win in a world of impersonal ecommerce giants.

The key to winning is simple (but not easy): help ecommerce brands build customer love. Love doesn’t occur overnight. As with any strong relationship, the foundational element is trust. Brands build trust with their consumers by: recognizing when customers have visited their store before, remembering their preferences, making recommendations around known likes and dislikes, and showing appreciation for customer loyalty by providing rewards.

In a way, we’re simply going back to the future.  Back to the days when people shopped at the corner store. Where the merchant knew about the customer in a more intimate way. In a digital age, it’s hard to do, in general, and even harder to do right. That’s where Drip comes in. 

Drip is creating a new category called ECRM (Ecommerce CRM)—a platform that enables retailers to build personal and profitable relationships with their customers at scale. In one turnkey system, Drip provides a single view of the customer’s digital footprints, determines what the best engagement step is on that customer’s journey with the brand, and delivers that action across multiple channels (email, SMS, website, etc.).

And our vision is being well received by the market. We have over 100 employees across our two offices of Minneapolis and Salt Lake City who serve thousands of customers globally. We are growing at a very healthy clip and have the financial backing of top tier VCs including the Foundry Group.

About the Role

We are seeking a seasoned engineering leader who is passionate about building an elegant platform that solves real customer pain by inspiring and leading a team to architect and build scalable solutions using practical technologies and methodologies.  The platform you will be owning is called an ECRM - an Ecommerce CRM designed to help B2C ecommerce retailers build personal and profitable relationships with their customers at scale.  You will be a key member of Drip’s cross-functional executive team, leading all aspects of our engineering team (web, platform, data science, analytics, quality, cloud infrastructure and operations, etc.).

Roles you will play

Leader: Attract, hire, motivate & retain highly skilled engineers. Act as an expert advisor, coach, and mentor across the technology organization on latest engineering principles and practices. Assess skills & building career development plans for direct reports. Identify areas of improvement and conduct regular one-on-one meetings with engineers. Establish metrics and processes for team member assessment and improvement. Create and implement training programs for engineers, and implement processes to develop careers.

Visionary: Develop and lead the roadmap for engineering initiatives to support Drip’s growth and scale.  Lead the team through technical decisions and development processes. Handle planning, investments and resource allocation across the engineering org. Continuously collaborate with leaders from other departments and locations.

Partner: Work closely with our Product team to ideate, scope, plan, estimate, coordinate, and de-risk roadmaps for our consumer-facing experiences. Participate in an iterative planning process to estimate, prioritize and roadmap the development of new features and applications. Acts as a point of escalation for teams facing complex technical challenges. Collaborate with the appropriate departments to assess and recommend technologies that support the company's strategic goals.

Builder: Turn strategy into results. Launch high quality releases aligned with our mission. Improve our development process by increasing efficiency and time-to-market while managing our development budget.  Keep your own skill set contemporary and take intelligent risks on emerging technologies that can accelerate our success. Define KPIs, objectives, and targets for measuring and improving the quality, security, scalability, maintainability, cost and time to market of our product.  Balance the work within the engineering team to include the expected capacity allocation for new features, tech debt, architecture improvements, and innovation prototypes. Ensure software delivery deadline commitments are met and manage risks and dependencies.

Champion: Be the champion for Drip’s engineering culture. Be fluent in our tech stack and knowledgeable about contemporary and relevant technology. Help us grow our current engineering culture that includes small releases, short planning cycles, little-A agile, and developers owning their own quality.  Raise awareness of Drip engineering through published work, blogs and internal and external speaking engagements. Finally and possibly most importantly, have the right mix of inspiring, supportive, and frankness, exhibiting EQ facets expressed in the engineering domain.

Core Traits We Look For

  • Customer obsession - you’re passionate about delighting the customer and building brand advocates.
  • EQ - you understand and believe emotional intelligence is just as important (if not more) than IQ.
  • Drive to win - you instill a sense of urgency and drive in your teams because you understand there’s a wide gap between market leaders and market followers.
  • Data-driven - you use data to inform decisions about products, technology, and teams.
  • Learner’s mindset - you’re curious enough to continue learning even though you’re armed with rich experiences and playbooks.
  • Grit - you have a commitment to perseverance and resilience in a start-up setting where change is constant.


  • BA/BS/MBA Degree
  • Experience building SaaS solutions in a B2B environment
  • Experience managing and growing a team of top talent engineers across multiple locations
  • Live in or willing to relocate to Minneapolis, MN or Salt Lake City, UT areas

About our Stack

We use a variety of different technologies to best meet the needs of our customers. While our code runs in AWS, we deploy and manage services written in Ruby, Go, Python, and Scala (just to name a few). Our frontend team loves building user experiences in Elm, while our backend team likes to build microservices (Dockerized on ECS) that scale to thousands of requests per second. For data, we share the love for both relational and NoSQL databases: PostgreSQL, DyanamoDB, Redshift, and Athena. Monitoring, operational excellence, and testing are important to all of us as we continually strive to improve.

Our Guiding Principles

Grow Together: For the company to grow, we all have to grow too. Don’t be afraid of falling down, as long as it’s because you’re reaching higher. Just mess up. Learn. Get better. Repeat. If we all stay hungry, embrace our mistakes, and keep moving forward, we’re going to grow.

Make An Impact: We make an impact every day, whether we like it or not. Why not make a positive one? Working together makes a meaningful difference in the world around us and in our business too. So leave everything you touch better than you found it. Because it matters.

Have Fun: Fun for us is winning. We ride the rush of working side-by-side, building something bigger than ourselves, and changing the lives of our customers. It’s the chase of impossible goals and the hurrah that happens when we conquer them. Fun is a good, hard day’s work made better by the people around us and the hills we climb together.

About us

We consider working for a successful early-stage tech company to be a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. You will work hard and face exciting challenges, but our positions come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. If you bring your best self to the table, we'll do the same.

At Drip, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individuality and honor their unique strengths from all different walks of life. We believe that embracing the diversity of thought and perspective encourages collaboration that leads to product (and people!) innovation, diverse products, and a successful business.

Does all of this sound like you?

Want to join us as we positively impact tens of thousands of passionate users and marketing professionals around the globe? Little ripples make big waves, so grab an oar and row with us.

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