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Data & Studies

How Does Sleeknote Work: 7 Use Cases You Can Use Now

  Before writing, I need to address the elephant in the room. There are a million and one popup builders on the Interwebs. Heck, many of them are available for free. So, why invest in any lead

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Data & Studies

Convert More Leads By Learning from These 5 Case Study Examples

  I think we can all agree that content marketing, when done right, is incredibly potent. Recent data from HubSpot found that 77 percent of companies currently have a content marketing strategy in

Data & Studies

How to Use Sleeknote to Get More Leads and Sales

  “Popups are ugly, intrusive, and useless.” If you hear someone say this, it only means one thing: they’re using popups the wrong way. When used right, popups help you reach different conversion

Data & Studies

Casper Marketing: How a Mattress Retailer Went from Zero to $750 Million in 4 Years (Case Study)

  In 2014, five guys got together with an idea to build a company that would revolutionize sleep. Their goal was ambitious and audacious:  To create an affordable, direct-to-consumer mattress—without

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9 Strategies MeUndies Used to Grow 1,583% in 3 Years (Case Study)

  Eight years ago, Jonathan Shokrian found himself running around a department store. What was supposed to be a quick trip to buy affordable and comfortable underwear, turned into a long and

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7 Key Email Marketing Statistics for 2022 (Incl. Mobile)

  Email marketing statistics change about as quickly as Kim Kardashian changes outfits. Marketers must stay in tune with email marketing statistics because they have a massive impact on how we view

Data & Studies

7 E-Commerce Case Studies Every Marketer Can Learn From

  Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned marketer, there’s always something you can learn from top e-commerce brands. That’s why we are huge fans of e-commerce case studies here at Drip. Every time we

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5 Proven A/B Split Testing Ideas to Improve Your Conversions

  This post is twenty-one months in the making. Back in January 2017, I wanted to write about a/b split-testing ideas. But after a few Google searches, I found many of the before and after images

B2B Marketing

11 Surprising B2B Sales Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

  Sales are the lifeblood of any B2B business. If you’re not hitting your sales target, you can’t grow your team or invest in your product, which in turn makes it less likely you’ll achieve your

Data & Studies

15 Eye-Opening Online Shopping Statistics for 2022

  It was just over 25 years ago (1994) when the first documented online purchase was made. Since then, online shopping has grown from being a novel concept to a multi-trillion dollar industry. To put