Drip + SumoMe = Epic Email Capture and Marketing Automation


Noah Kagan pushes things forward. He’s really good at email marketing and he happens to have a lot of experience with list building, too, with somewhere north of 1 million people on his list.

SumoMe, his fast-growing opt-in platform, is ubiquitous – over 130,000 websites use SumoMe to build their optin efforts.

Chances are, you’ve seen “Powered by SumoMe” somewhere online.

You might even use them.

You can imagine with a platform as popular as this, the SumoMe team isn’t exactly sitting around twiddling their thumbs, and they don’t integrate with many email providers.

Out of 5,500+ email marketing apps on the market, around 20 have SumoMe integrations. And as of today, Drip is among them.

Today, we’re announcing SumoMe fully integrates with Drip.

Pairing SumoMe’s opt-in powerhouse with Drip’s ridiculously powerful marketing automation is a no-brainer.

Find “Drip” in the Services section of List Builder.

Then, connect your Drip account by clicking Connect and signing in to Drip. From there you’ll be able to select the account you’re sending your subscribers to. You can even add tags and an event for each SumoMe form submission.

Tagging your SumoMe subscribers will let you send emails directly to them, get reports on them as a cohort, or insert tag data through liquid in your emails.

If you’re A/B testing your SumoMe forms, you can use tags to help you keep track of which subscriber came from which test, so you can understand how your tests affect their behavior.

And if you love SumoMe, but haven’t tried pairing it with Drip, you should get marketing automation for your SumoMe efforts right away. We make it easy by giving you a free account for your first 100 subscribers.