[New Feature] Split Testing Made for Ecommerce (and People Who Like Better Split Testing)

Drip Ecommerce CRM is rolling out split testing like you’ve never seen before.

If you’ve been running your online shop for a while, you’re probably pretty tuned into testing things. Which ad copy is getting more clicks? Which email subject lines get the most opens? Do people like the red button better than the brown button? (They definitely like the red button more.)

All of these split tests help you fine-tune features across your website and marketing, but the results they provide aren’t as useful to you as they should be. You’re in the business of ecommerce, after all, and, when it comes down to it, you want to know what’s making more money.

We’re stoked to announce that Drip is doing split testing justice with new Split Testing in Workflows. See how it’s different, what it can do, and how it’s changing the possibilities of split testing as you know it.

Split Testing in Drip Workflows: How’s This Different?

When you hear the words “split testing,” your mind probably jumps to long tests involving slightly varied subject lines and monitoring which one gets opened more. That’s great and all, but when it came time to think up what split testing could be, Drip had other ideas.

Instead of thinking about split testing in old-timey ESP terms, we thought, “What if instead of just testing emails, you could test experiences?” And, well, next thing you know, here we are writing this blog post all about Workflow Split Testing.

Split Testing in Workflows is made for ecommerce store owners who want to see which customer experience earns the highest revenue, highest order conversion, or the most site visits (ya know, numbers you actually care about when it comes to your bottom line).

Uncover Insights Directly Related to Revenue

Until now, split testing has been limited to subject lines or the copy in an email, and the test-winning emails are the ones that have more opens or clicks. Those are some solid stats if your biggest business concern is email, but since you’re here, we have a feeling your biggest concern is making more money.

The truth is, opens and clicks are too basic for the ecommerce industry. If an email has a high open rate, does that tell you it’s actually driving more revenue? Does that data help you understand the customer journey from page visit to purchase? Will you have a deeper understanding of which ads, emails, and more drive conversion?

Nah. You won’t know any of that. You’ll only know which subject line your email list likes a little bit more.

Now with Drip, whether you choose to test your whole workflow or just bits and pieces, you’ll uncover a lot of insight about your customers:

  • Do customers convert more when sent three emails or just one?

  • Do discounts in a welcome series drive higher order conversion?

  • Do customers who were added to Facebook Custom Audience A spend more than ones who were added to Custom Audience B?

  • Does adding product recommendations to your post-purchase follow-up increase total site visits or revenue?

Seriously, the possibilities are endless—and we’ve made it easy to test ‘em all.

Testing subject lines and email copy is still useful when refining your emails, but when you’re ready to start perfecting the customer experience, full-color Workflow Split Testing is ready for you.

Saddle Up and Start Split Testing Inside Any Workflow

Build these split tests right inside your workflows, then sit back and see which experience is hitting your ecommerce goals. Some revenue-driving customer experiences you might want to get to testing right off the bat might be:

  • A New Customer Welcome Series
    Getting your welcome series right is key to kicking off loyal customer relationships. Test how many emails, what types of offers, and which product recommendations have your new customers coming back for more.

  • Cart Abandonment Campaigns
    Recapturing abandoned carts is one of the best ways to retrieve customers and revenue, but which marketing combo is most effective in getting people back to their carts? Start testing your multi-channel mix and find out.

  • Browse Abandonment Campaign
    People are poking around your different products, but once they click out of the page, how do you keep the convo going? Start testing campaigns from inbox to Instagram and see which path turns more window shoppers into customers.

  • The Post-purchase Experience
    The customer experience doesn’t end when an order’s been placed. Start testing things like thank you campaigns, next-sell ad campaigns, product recommendations in emails, and periodic check-ins to and uncover what drives higher loyalty for the long-run.

Test What Matters for Your Online Store

With Split Testing in Workflows, any online store is able to test their customer experiences and see which paths are directly driving revenue, conversions, or site visits—something not possible with an ESP.

Sometimes split testing email subject lines, send times, or offers is all you want to do (keep in mind that all of these things are still possible with Workflow Split Testing), but these tests simply tell you which email is being opened or clicked more, not if they’re actually driving more business.

It’s important for ecommerce marketing strategies to continuously evolve and optimize, and brand owners don’t have much time or resources to waste if they want to stay ahead. Workflow Split Testing is here to give you the ecommerce data that matters most so you know exactly which strategies to roll with and customer experiences to provide so you never stop thriving. And that’s exactly what an ecommerce CRM is all about.

Ready to start split testing the ecommerce experience you give your customers? Dive into Drip today.

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