Drip’s Visual Email Builder Is Here and It’s Going to Melt Your Face

Email builder that doesn't suck

If you’ve been a long-time Drip ECRM superfan, this announcement might blow your hair back a bit. For years you’ve heard us singing the praises of text emails.

“They have higher open and click-through rates,” we pointed out.

“They’re friendlier. Like when Uncle Lou drops you a birthday email,” we said.

“They’re quick to make and easy to personalize!” we elated.

All of those reasons are still very good and very true.

But we also realize that you want options. You want to show instead of tell sometimes, darnit, and you don’t want to have to wade waist-deep through a swamp of code to do it.

Because of that, we went ahead and built the Visual Email Builder that marketer dreams are made of.

Drip’s point-and-click Visual Email Builder gives you precise control over how your emails look and feel. We’re super excited to bring it to you, so let’s unbox this builder and see what it can do.

See This Puppy in Action

Take a look under the hood in this li'l ditty that runs you through some of the builder’s best features from easy content editing to the handy “undo” button. Give it a look-see, then read on for more info about your long-lost email builder love.


The Choice Is Yours, and Yours Alone

Every time you go to make a new Broadcast email or Campaign inside of Drip, you’ll be given the choice between building in the Text Builder or the Visual Builder.


This pop-up lets you easily switch from writing a text-based, personal sales email one minute to crafting an image-laden product showcase the next without doing anything more than clicking which builder you want to work in.

And if you’re building an email Campaign, you can always switch between Visual and Text emails throughout, so you’ll never feel stuck with one or the other for an entire series.

Choice means that you’ll forever be able to fit your email marketing needs at any moment—no more waiting for someone to code an email for you. Instead, just hop into either builder and design any email in just minutes on your own.

Why Point-and-Click?

You might be wondering, “What the heck is this point-and-click? Where’s the drag-and-drop?”

Odds are good you’ve encountered a drag-and-drop interface somewhere if you’ve ever used technology. Drag-and-drop usability is especially popular across other marketing apps, like landing page builders and even other email platforms.

But the truth is out: Drag and drop isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

You’ll know this is especially true if you’ve ever tried grabbing an image at the top of an especially long email and dragging it down to the bottom.

Clicking, holding, and trying to scroll is tough stuff. Your hand cramps up, and you end up dropping the image in the wrong spot. The formatting skews. Everything’s a mess. You have recurring nightmares about the whole incident.

Anyways, the point is that dragging and dropping just isn’t very precise. It’s awkward to do, and it usually ends up taking longer than it should to complete your task.  

(The whole situation is like those times I’ve stubbornly tried dragging a wheely cooler full of soda and snacks across one of Minneapolis’ many beaches—it’s slow-going, exhausting, and I look silly. Everything gets easier when I just pick up the whole cooler, carry it to the shore, and plunk it down right where I want it.)

Point-and-click is a concept that's been around for a while. Instead of dragging, holding, and dropping, you simply point at something with your mouse, click it once, then point where you want it to go and click again to place it there.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, check out how pointing and clicking in the Visual Builder makes moving an image in my email super easy, precise, and cramp-free.

All the Formatting, Zero Coding

Our Visual Builder takes just seconds to get cozy with. Once you’re inside, point-and-click greets you with open arms and makes you feel right at home.

One of the many formatting glories inside is how easy it is to organize and customize email sections. You can add as many sections as you like to your emails, which makes this builder primo for both your short updates or your lengthy storytelling newsletters.

Having unique email sections lets you shuffle entire elements without having to grab lots of individual components and move them separately to their new location. Plus, each section can have its own custom formatting, so you’re never bound by the restraints of the builder.   

And even if you don’t have a product to showcase, the Visual Builder works perfectly for branding your emails top to bottom with company colors, logos, and beyond.

Time Is Money, and This Builder Saves You Both

You might be wondering, “What can I do with this new builder that I can’t do with the Text Builder?” To be honest, you can do almost anything in the Text Builder—if you have enough time, ingenuity, and resources at your disposal, that is.

However, the Visual Builder dramatically reduces how much manual labor you need to make your designed email dreams a reality. After all, time is money, and it’s rare to find someone who can afford to drop 10 hours on complex coding for one designed email.  

Here’s some inspiration about what’s possible in the Visual Builder:  

  • Show off new inventory
    Have a lot of great new stock rolling in that you want to show off? This is your answer. Easily make an email that showcases your newest inventory. It’s like digital window shopping in one convenient email.


  • Quick demos using GIFs
    Before blankets with sleeves really took off, it was probably a difficult concept to imagine. What would it look like? How could you use it? Is it different than just a blanket you already own?

    The ability to quickly add GIFs to your emails is a great way to give a quick demo of how your product looks or how it’s used.



  • Storytelling newsletters: The ability to add as many sections as you want is perfect for businesses hoping to churn out longger storytellings newsletters. Add columns of images that lure readers into each story, or even design your email so it's a story in itself.

  • Fun events: You could craft an email advertising your next concert using just words, but you could also step it up a notch and throw in pictures or GIFs of people having the time of their lives at your last concert. This not only lets people know what to expect at your next concert, but it could also stir up some FOMO and drive sales for your next one.

  • Emotional tug: It's tough to get the gutteral, emotional response you're hoping for when you rely on a few short words. Get quick emotional responses with pictures. If you run an animal rescue, pop in some pics of puppies up for adoption. If you're a charity, feature the people you help.
  • Product detail: Sell a high-quality product? Show it. Share the details of how luxurious the fabric is, how well-stitched the seams are, or how your product is made that will make your audience rest-assurd they're investing in a quality product. 

Just Gonna Send It

You shouldn’t have to fight with long lines of code just to make an email that does what you want it to do. The next time you need an email that shows your customers exactly why your product is so great, it’ll only take you minutes to make instead of hours.

But just because the Visual Builder is an option now, that doesn’t mean the Text Builder is going anywhere. We still stand by how effective text emails can be when it comes to your email marketing. But Drip’s point-and-click Visual Email Builder gives you the choice to build something a bit bolder.

It’s a full-color email experience that enables you to brand your emails, showcase your products, sell more stuff, teach your lessons, and connect with your customers. And when it comes to your customers, having options to give them the best experience possible is a win-win.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into the Visual Builder and just send it.


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