Drip + Eventbrite = Surprisingly powerful event communication


This week we went live with our Eventbrite integration, so you can now use Eventbrite to manage sales for your event and use the power of Drip to automate communication with your attendees…

…all without a single line of code.

You can set any Eventbrite order to trigger this integration, or you could set the trigger to fire for specific events.

Here are just a few ways you can use Drip to communicate with your attendees…

…but we’re sure you’ll come up with more:

  • Use Drip to send transactional emails for your ticket sales via one-off emails
  • Engage attendees with a pre-event campaign (series of emails) and see attendance rates go up, or send post-event campaign emails to follow up with attendees
  • Add event attendees as subscribers in Drip and record their ticket sale as a goal conversion
  • Apply a “Customer” tag or an event-specific tag when a purchase is made
  • Notify attendees of venue or scheduling changes via a one-off email
  • Send attendees to a CRM like Close.io or Pipedrive
  • And many more…

Use this integration to trigger any of these actions in Drip:

  • Apply or remove a tag
  • Subscribe to a campaign
  • Move from one campaign to another
  • Remove from a campaign
  • Restart a campaign
  • Send a one-off email
  • Set a custom field
  • Record an event
  • Record a conversion
  • Delete the subscriber
  • Send the subscriber to another application

Full setup instructions are available in our knowledge base.