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Drip's Melt-Your-Face Customer Support Is Getting Even More Face-Melty


My name is Ike Nelson. I’m the VP of Customer Success at Drip, and I’m really excited to roll out some big news: Drip’s chat and email customer support are now here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our nonstop, 24/7/365 chat and email support are here for all of our paying customers. If you're on a Basic plan or higher, your customer support wishes have officially been granted.

We’ve even named this euphoric level of support “melt-your-face service” around here. To put a finger on exactly what “melt your face” means, we did some digging and came across a top-secret definition in our Drip dictionary.

A description of melt-your-face customer service.

As you can see, melt-your-face service is a tall order. But it’s one we aim to hit with every single opportunity we have to help someone.

After all, every one of our customers is a person with thoughts, feelings, big dreams, and goals (and a business that needs to run without a hitch). We realize how darn lucky we are to play even a tiny part in turning aspirations into rock-solid realities, and we aren’t about to squander that role we get to play.

Which is why we created the melt-your-face standard for 24/7 support (and think every other company should hop on, too).

Here’s more of what this means and how we’re making it happen day in and day out at Drip Ecommerce CRM.

Why Is Melt-Your-Face so Important Here?

Every company wants their customers to have the best possible experience with them and their products. No matter if they’re selling comic books or race cars, they want people to get the most out of the time, money, and energy they invest in shopping with them.

But a lot of times, it’s tough for brands to balance the binary of cold, heartless corporation and the feel-good vibes of a mom-and-pop corner store.

Melt-your-face service at Drip ECRM breaks that binary and perfectly blends humanity with technology to give people helpful, convenient, and caring support no matter the question or concern. It’s the human side of a SaaS company, and darn it, we’re good humans.

How Drip Does Customer Support

We aren’t just talking the talk, though. We’re walking the walk. Jogging the jog. Dancing the dance. OK, enough of that.

We firmly believe that supporting customers with tech questions can be equal parts tutorial and personalized, thoughtful conversation. You see, customer service to us is so much more than just giving someone what is owed as part of a transaction. It’s part of building a trusting partnership that’ll last for the long haul.

To help knit stronger relationships, everyone who’s a part of Drip’s customer support team lives by a short list of person-centric principles:

1. Make it easy.
Make it easy for customers to receive service and access relevant resources when and where they prefer.

2. Increase speed to success.
Help people find success faster with a focus on problem-solving and accomplishing goals in the shortest amount of time.

3. Create joy with every experience.
Make every experience joyful with authentic and personal connections that go beyond reactive or proactive.

Like I said, each of these three tenets to melt-your-face service focuses on people. The whole “unparalleled joy” part of melting faces comes from people getting the help they need when and how they want thanks to these three little practices.

It’s a short list of must-dos, but there aren’t many brands that can get it right. And adding things like 24/7 support to our outfit is just one of the ways we’re leading the way.

Welcome to the Customer Service Revolution

Being able to offer our customers support any minute of the day (literally) is pretty exciting to us (and, we hope, to all of you).

We want to keep bringing thoughtful and useful know-how to people when and where we can. In fact, we want to blow you away each and every time you interact with any part of Drip—including the people who work here.

You’re a person who deserves nothing less. You give us your time, your business, and your trust. We hope to give you nothing less than melt-your-face service in return.

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