Drip Product Update: What’s New in June

Summer is finally here! But before we hit the beach and soak up the sun, we wanted to show you some hot updates we’ve been hard at work on.

From alphabetized drop-down menus to shareable Drip workflows, the Drip team has been focused on one thing: our users. Watch the video above to hear Gabe and Annabelle tell you all about the awesome updates that happened in June, or read on!

Navigate Drop-down Menus with Ease

To start off, we added drop-downs that allow you to trigger an action by selecting an integration partner first, and then the action you want to trigger. What’s more is that we expanded these triggers to include even more actionable events from your favorite ecommerce integrations like ThriveCart, Samcart, Clickbank, and Shopify.

With more actionable events, your automation capabilities become even more unstoppable.

Speaking of drop-downs, every drop-down menu in Drip is now easy to filter. Know what action you want to take? Just start typing. Plus, every down-down is also alphabetical for easier navigation than ever. (Like we said, these June updates are all about you!)

See Real-time Dashboard Stats

Moving from drop-downs to dashboards, your broadcast dashboard has been updated this month. While you’ve always been able to see your open, click, and unsubscribe rates, this dashboard update enables you to check out real-time data.

Simply hover over the the number you want to know and the actual counts for that data will show up in real time.

No waiting around for a refresh means you’ll always have the info you need right when you need it.

Send HTTP Post Automations

Drip can now send an HTTP Post automation that can be used in your workflows, rules and bulk operations. You might be using another software that provides you with a URL to receive requests. Drip now does this for you, so you don’t need to set up a webhook and filter the requests yourself.

For instance, this update allows you to send information from Drip to automatically create a new user in your membership platform.

Share Your Workflows

Yes, you read that right.

The last (but certainly not least) update for June is shareable workflows. How cool is that!?

When you share a workflow, you’ll receive a link that you can send to anyone—and you can decide if you want to share just the workflow, or if you want to share the workflow and all the assets inside of it.

That’s what’s new in June!

Have questions about an update? Inspired by shareable workflows? Let us know below! We’d love to hear from you.

  • For shareable workflows – are there any plans to set up a library of these, so they can easily be shared and found by others? I can see this becoming an amazing library of inspiration!

    Also, our team kindly requests A/B testing of broadcast emails 🙂

    • Rob Walling

      Yep, this is on the roadmap.

    • Iván Fanego

      And can be the workflows shared openly? I mean in a blog or something like that. That could be cool.

      • Yes they can! And that can be with or without an affiliate link 🙂

        • Iván Fanego


    • Kyle

      Up-vote on Jon’s split testing broadcasts – The fact that we couldn’t split test subject lines for our first few broadcasts coming out of drip was surprising being that you can split test a campaign email subject line -typically your broadcasts are larger sends than campaigns. Our first broadcast was only for 3,000 recipients but we have broadcasts we will need to migrate off send grid that are anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 recipients – and yes I know I could send two different broadcasts with different subject lines, but that isn’t ideal for the obvious reasons. So up-vote on split testing Broadcasts!

  • Kyle

    are drop downs available for tags and custom fields too? In what instance would one need to share workflows? Trying to think of a use case where I would share a workflow with my team internally here, coming up blank. Is it more for agencies? Any plans for a drag and drop email builder….I’m having to contract an agency to build 2 column email templates for us since it requires advanced HTML knowledge and my dev team is tied up in product vs. creating emails, all competitive tools provide a drag and drop builder or they can easily accept HTML uploads from a third party drag and drop tool. That is my biggest pain point as a drip enterprise user. Thanks guys.

    • Dr. Dicken Weatherby

      Up-vote on Kyle’s drop down menus for tags and custom fields. I use tags a lot to segment customers and find myself forgetting exactly how each tag is formatted. I open Reports -> Tags on a second tab in my browser so I can cut and past the correct tag over. Would much prefer a drop down of the tags as you have in other parts of the application. Also would love a more robus email builder. Simple single-column emails are great but sometimes I want to do something a bit more creative. Moved over from IS and they were getting close to a good email builder. Thanks guys!

      • Kyle

        Thanks Doc!

  • Valerio Fioretti

    This is really cool!
    You just need to add: calendars and dates!
    I’d like to have a workflow with fixed dates, like “if user has tag X, send this email on Aug. 1st”

  • Sage

    Really?! Nothing for the adorable hosts?!

    • Sage

      Comment and upvote both those people! 🙂

      • Daphne Sidor

        Haha! I’ll definitely pass this on to them, Sage. (They’re on our support team, so if you ever need anything, they might be the ones to help.) Thanks for watching and for the kind words!

    • Josh Braaten

      I definitely enjoyed Gabe and Annabelle. I hope we get to see more of them!

  • Beautiful HTTP Posts 🙂 this comes in handy big time.

    What would be REALLY nice is to show a button to insert the merge fields into the value. Hard to know or remember the proper way to insert a merge field or what fields are even available to insert.

    That possible?

    • Agreed on the merge field list. There doesn’t seem to be a full list of possibilities anywhere? A drop-down and documentation would be really helpful.

  • LeAnn Reyes

    Great job!!

  • ConnyLoonstra

    Awesome guys. Keep up the good work!

  • angelfun2002

    Hi I am BRAND NEW , so eager to learn more 🙂

    • Daphne Sidor

      Welcome—glad you’re here! Let us know if you have any questions.

  • farbod

    Regarding sharable workflows, would it be possible to import and export workflows? In other words, a marketing team share a workflow as a template and another team will use it for themselves instead of mocking the whole workflow manually…

  • Chris Kyriacou


    Combining with content snippets has made my life much easier. Now all I need is sharable rules!!!

  • Do you have plans to make the automations builder drag-and-drop like ActiveCampaign? It’s no fun to build an automation and then have to RE-build it when you find out that you messed up an earlier step.

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, Vic—not that I know of, but I’d love to hear a little more about that. You typically can change earlier steps of a workflow without having to rebuild the whole thing. Is there a particular kind of workflow element you’re finding difficult to edit?

      • Hi Daphne,

        Thanks for your reply.

        If you sign up for a free trial with ActiveCampaign – arguably your biggest competitor – and simply have a play with their automations builder you’ll be able to see for yourself that the ability to drag and drop elements (and even select an entire group of elements) and move them around as you please, is simply easier, faster, and more fool proof than what the Drip editor currently allows.