Stop Conforming and Start Converting with Drip Forms

The time for boring forms has passed. Our team has been hard at work implementing your feedback to make Drip forms work harder AND smarter. We’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out new segmentation capabilities and design options to Drip forms. The best part? No coding required. 

So, What’s New?

Gif showcasing the design and behavior options for Drip forms.

We know lack of customization was a huge pain for many of our customers. If you’ve ever wished you could customize the look and feel of your forms without a ton of tedious coding, we heard you. Our redesigned forms give you the power to do just that. Now you can match the design and setup of your forms to your brand with the click of a button. 

Here’s a shortlist of some of the design elements you can customize: 

  • Customizable width and height options
  • Default size options including small, large, and fullscreen

  • Font types, sizes, weights, and colors

  • Add background images and colors

  • Border radius, thickness, and color

  • Button background color, hover color, border color, border-radius, and border thickness

Behavior options for Drip forms

Things have changed under the hood, too. It’s no secret that targeting your marketing efforts to the right audience can attract more quality leads.  We’ve fine-tuned Drip’s segmentation capabilities so you can target specific audiences with precision. For example, you can:

  • Target customers who show exit intent with a 10% off code if they join your list

  • Offer your VIPs the white glove treatment they deserve with a special discount code or offer when their next order ships

  • Give your most loyal customers an early bird special and offer them a first chance at purchasing new items 

  • Show forms to specific segments

Ready to get started? Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you set up your forms.

9 Best Practices for High-Converting Forms

  1. Keep your designs clean and simple. Use large fonts and don’t clutter things up.

  2. No more than three fields perform. Nobody wants to give you a ton of personal information. Keep it simple and make it easy.

  3. Use a single-column design. Multiple columns can impact readability.

  4. Add a clear call to action. Using words like “go” and “click here” can increase conversion by 25-30%.

  5. Use contrasting colors for CTA buttons. Make sure it fits your design theme but still stands out and begs to be clicked. 

  6. Keep your form above the fold and make it stand out. As a general rule, the lower on a page something is, the less engagement it will see. 

  7. Convey your value proposition. Give people a reason to give you their information. 

  8. Set a delay for new visitors. To avoid spamming your customers with ads the second they hit your site, set up a 10-15 second delay.

  9. Don’t forget to follow up. Don’t let form submissions go into a black hole. Follow up with prospects and remind them about the super awesome offer you’ve got for them. 

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